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Specialist Task Force 456:
eCall Transport

Who we are: 


(back) Laurent Velez (TO)  
(Front)   Esa Barck (Chairman), Ban Al-Bakri, Robert Williams, David Williams         

Team Leader: David Williams, Teleplus Ltd, 

Team Members: Robert Williams, CSI (UK) Ltd,
Ban Al-Bakri, MeadowCOM,

What we do:

We are investigating the long term solution for eCall.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

eCall is being deployed on 2G and 3G networks but these will not last forever. Already there are 4G networks, and cooperative ITS is on the horizon.

How we do it:

We are making proposals to 3GPP to show how eCall could be specified for 4G. We are considering how eCall would migrate to 4G and ITS, and in this respect we make presentations to as many eCall stakeholder organisations as possible (e.g. EeIP, HeERO, CEN TC 278, ETSI TC ITS, ISO TC204) to get their views.


TR 103 140. Technical Report on eCall in packet based networks, including migration options to 4G and cooperative ITS.
- performance of eCall in-band modem on VoIP
- how eCall could be implemented in 4G specifications (IMS/LTE)
- migration options towards 4G and cooperative ITS.

The STF ToR foresees that Intermediate results have to be made openly available via download from this dedicated STF page on the ETSI web site.
To this extent you can find here below final draft TR103140 v0.6.2, this is now for stakeholder feedback and discussion and TB approval at the next MSG meeting (MSG#38, 5-7 March 2014):


Final draft approved by MSG Meeting #38 (5-7 March 2014):


Presentation: "Migration of eCall Transport":


Set of pseudo change requests to implement STF456 recommendations into 3GPP specifications:

pseudo_CR-122 101-r1 pseudo_CR-123 060-r1 pseudo_CR-123 167-r2
pseudo_CR-123 401-r1 pseudo_CR-124 008 pseudo_CR-124 229-r2
pseudo_CR-124 301    
Mission Reports:
Date Place Meeting Document
20-21 Mar 2013 Brussels CEN TC278 WG15 Click here
26-28 Mar 2013 Salzburg ETSI TC MSG#33 Click here
15-19 Apr 2013 Seattle ISO TC204 & WGs Click here
25 Apr 2013 Brussels European eCall Implementation Plateform (EEIP) Click here
29-30 Apr 2013 Essen HeERO Standards Task Force Click here
06-10 May 2013 New Delhi 3GPP SA1 Click here
30-31 May 2013 Brussels CEN TC278 WG15 Click here
26-27 Jun 2013 Karlstad ETSI SC EMTEL#27 Click here
15-19 Jul 2013 Valencia 3GPP SA2#98 Click here
28-29 Jul 2013 Berlin IETF-ecrit-87 Click here
05-08 Aug 2013 Vienna 3GPP CTI#84 Click here
16-17 Sep 2013 Brussels CEN TC278 WG15 Click here
02 Oct 2013 Brussels European eCall Implementation Plateform (EEIP) Click here
06-12 Oct 2013 Kobe ISO TC204 & ISO TC204 WG18 Click here
22-25 Oct 2013 Sophia Antipolis ETSI TC-ITS Click here
23-24 Jan 2014 Sophia Antipolis CEN TC278 WG15 Click here
5-7 Mar 2014 London ETSI TC MSG#38 Click here

Time plan:

TR 103 140, interim draft, 50% complete, July 2013.
TR 103 140, final draft, near 100% complete, December 2013
TR 103 140 publication, early 2014.

How to contact us:

David Williams:


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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