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Travel Management process

In general, the travel budget is intended to present the STF/TTF activity and deliverables in meetings within the ETSI Technical Organization (TB/WG, Steering Group), meetings with other organizations, to collect stakeholders' contribution, disseminate and promote the STF/TTF results, participate to events related to the STF activity.

The exact nature of the meetings and events to be attended on behalf of the STF/TTF and the total budget available is identified in the relevant sections of the STF/TTF ToR.  The STF/TTF Leader should represent the STF/TTF in mission travels, however, in particular cases, he/she may require the participation of other experts, in relation to their specific knowledge of a particular subject.

Main steps

Travel Organization


Experts must follow the ETSI Travel Organization Rules for the preparation and execution of their mission travel.

Travel Order

The purpose of the Travel Order is to provide the overview of the Project's mission travels requirements along with the duration of the project, to monitor the budget and to obtain the agreement in principle of the ETSI Secretariat. 


When the details of the organization of a specific mission travel are defined, the traveller must obtain the preliminary authorization from the Project's Leader and then from the ETSI Secretariat, with a Travel Order. The Project's Leader is responsible to approve a Travel Order compatible with the requirements in the ToR and the travel budget allocation.

The Travel Order contains the outline of the travel organization proposed by the expert, including the estimate of cost for the outstanding elements (e.g. transportation, conference fees, etc.) and requirements for any exceptions to the ETSI Travel Organization Rules.


Click here for the Travel Order management workflow.

Travel reimbursement

Travel cost will be reimbursed to the contractor Organization for the real cost incurred, with detailed bills to justify the expenses, following the ETSI Mission Travel Reimbursement Rules and according to the travel organization agreed in the Travel Order. 



Travel Management Application

The Travel Plan and Travel Orders are processed electronically using the WEB interface of the Travel Management Application click here to launch the Travel Management Application, or contact for more details).

An User Guide is available here.


Presentations in meetings and conferences

Experts may present information from the STF work during meetings and conferences.  If the presentation is made in another context than the ETSI Technical Organization, the rules for the presentations of the STF activity must be followed.