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Selection of contractors

When an STF is approved and the availability of funding is confirmed, the ETSI Secretariat will circulate a Collective Letter ("Call for Expertise") requesting proposals from ETSI Members (Full/Associate/Observers) or from external Companies/Organizations, with the support of an ETSI Member (get the ETSI Member support letter here).

The same process applies to TTF where non-ETSI Members are entitled to answer.

Only applicants from EC/EFTA members state will be considered for EC/EFTA funded STF.

Submitting proposals

Applications must be submitted from the page "Call for Expertise" of the ETSI Portal (open WEB access).  This page provides the list of the currently open Calls for Expertise and allows downloading the Collective Letters, which include the detailed STF/TTF Terms of Reference and a form with guidelines to submit the proposal.

A user guide for the Call for Expertise is available here.

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Selection of proposals

The ETSI Director-General, in consultation with the Reference Body Chair, is responsible for the selection of the Companies/Organizations that will be contracted to perform the STF/TTF work.

A Selection Panel including representatives of the ETSI Secretariat and the Reference Body Chair (and/or his representatives) is normally delegated to make a recommendation to the ETSI Director-General for the final decision.

The Selection Panel will make a preliminary selection of the proposals that can fulfill the STF/TTF requirements from the point of view of technical competence and budget constraints.

The ETSI Secretariat will invite the representatives of the short-listed Companies/Organizations to the Preparatory Meeting, to discuss their proposal with the Selection Panel.

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Preparatory Meeting

The objective of the Preparatory Meeting is to finalize the proposals, agree on the share of tasks, working methods, deliverables and time scale and to make the final recommendation to the ETSI Director-General for the establishment of Service Contracts within the limits of the maximum budget allocated to the STF/TTF.

The technical aspects will be openly discussed between the representatives of the Companies/Organizations and the Selection Panel.

If necessary, after the technical framework has been agreed, the financial conditions proposed by each Company/Organization may be discussed individually with the Selection Panel, with the objective to ensure that the total amount to be contracted fits within the limits of the maximum budget available.  Note: since this negotiation may require iterations and in order to prevent the risk that the start of the STF/TTF is delayed, the ETSI Secretariat may take preliminary action to identify possible margin of negotiation with the short-listed Companies/Organizations, before the Preparatory Meeting.

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