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Intelligent Transport System


In 2010 TC ITS started together with ETSI CTI a STF project to produce conformance test specifications for the V1.1.1 of TC ITS CAM, DENM, BTP, GN and GN6 protocols (with the exception of CAM V1.2.1). In 2011/2012 a prototype test system was designed, built and validated.

For more information see STF424 - Conformance Validation Framework.

The Security project has produced the part 1 and 2 of the Security conformance test series ETSI TS 103 096. The underlying base specifications are:

The work on part 3 of the conformance tests (Test Suite in TTCN-3) will continue in 2014 following the design guidance of the ITS Testing Framework (ETSI EG 202 798), and will be packaged together with the other existing modules of the Conformance Validation Framework.

For more information see STF452.