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Testing Task Forces Process Overview (TTF)

What is a TTF?

Testing Task Forces (TTF) are teams established to support the ETSI Technical Organization and ISGs, to accelerate the production of testing and methodology standards.

TTFs give ETSI a competitive advantage by making readily available the technical competence to quickly develop testing and methodology standards needed by the market.

TTFs are established and managed by the ETSI Secretariat under the authority of the Director General, based on a technical roadmap and multi-annual plan developed and maintained by ETSI’s Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI), in consultation with the ETSI Board and OCG.

Why use a TTF?

TTFs can be requested by a Reference Body (Technical committee, ETSI Project, ETSI Partnership Project, Special Committee, Industry Specification Group), when the development of a testing or methodology standard requires specific technical competence not available in the Reference Body and/or the time scale cannot be achieved with the normal voluntary contribution of the delegates.

What are the sources of funding?

A dedicated TTF budget line is provided for in the ETSI budget. Voluntary contribution from ETSI Members can also be provided.

EC/EFTA funding can be used for testing or methodology work but in this case the Specialist Task Force process must be used. Expertise for the TTFs can be proposed by ETSI Member Companies or Organizations or by non-Member, with the support of an ETSI Member.

Who does the work?

The Reference Body is responsible for the technical guidance of the TTF.  The ETSI Secretariat provides assistance for financing, recruitment of experts, establishment of contracts, project management, document editing, IT and logistic support. 

The drafts produced by the TTF will then be submitted to the normal approval process relevant to that type of standard.

How to request a TTF?

Download the TTF Terms of Reference Template. Complete at least Part I. Have the ToR approved by the reference TB/ISG, if possible.

Send the initial ToRs to the CTI Director before the date indicated in the TTF Process Calendar, so it can be incorporated into the following year's Technical Roadmap.

Be prepared to defend the work behind the TTF proposal at the Board/OCG meeting in September.

When the CTI Director has indicated that the TTF can proceed, complete the remaining parts of the TTF Terms of Reference and have it approved by the reference TB/ISG. Submit the approved ToRs to the CTI Director. This can also be done before the CTI Director has indicated that the TTF can proceed, but ETSI will not recruit experts until funding is secured.

The ETSI Secretariat will manage recruitment of experts and establishing the project.

Please ensure you liaise with the CTI Director at each step.


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