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ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs)

The drafting rules explain in detail how to structure and draft a document intended to become an ETSI standard. The ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs) are part of the ETSI Directives   and you can download the ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs) here. Along with the EDRs, please refer to "A Guide to writing World Class Standards" which will give you a complete view of the expectations asked from you.

The editHelp! team is here to help you with the drafting of your document by providing answers to your editing questions. You can also consult the FAQ to see the answers is already there.
The following links provide all sorts of necessary tools to get you started and help you in the overall drafting process: 

All this and much more can be found on this website and "editHelp! Video Guide" is the best way to discover it for anyone involved with drafting.