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Working time registration

STF/TTF experts must provide monthly time sheet declarations of the work done for the STF/TTF.  Time sheets must be validated by the STF/TTF Leader, who will check that the amount of time charged are compatible with the contribution provided by the experts over the period. Time sheets validated by the STF/TTF Leader will be accepted by the ETSI Secretariat after verification of the contractual conditions.  Time sheet declarations accepted by the ETSI Secretariat will be used to determine the time spent upon achievement of a milestone.

Time records are accounted in days or fraction of a day. Considering the qualification required for the execution of this work and the nature of the activity, STF/TTF experts are not tied to the  respect of daily working hours.  Each expert can refer to the daily working time in his/her Company or, by default to a reference working time of 8 hours per day.  Time declaration cannot exceed one working day on a single calendar day.  Travelling time to join the STF/TTF sessions cannot be accounted.

Time sheets declaration of the work done in a month must be submitted before the 7th of the following month.  The STF/TTF leader must validate the time sheets for his team before the 14th of the month.

Working time registration is done from the Time Sheets WEB application (User guide available here or contact if you need more information).