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Electronic Signatures

TSL Conformance Checker

With the ongoing support of the European Commission, ETSI has designed a web portal with online tools to allow the Members States to verify their Trusted Lists (Trust-Service Status List ETSI TS 102 231and make them compliant with the Commission Decision 2009/767/EC. It allows also to create a PDF/A human readable format of their Trusted List.

EU Member States representatives have the possibility to upload their TSLs and check the result. After having uploaded his TSL, each user gets the following result:

  • Conformance Checker report
  • PrettyPrint Pdf version of the uploaded TSL
  • PrettyPrint Html version of the uploaded TSL
  • Schema Check of the TSL

The Online TSL Conformance Checker is located at http://tsl-portal.etsi.org

The access is restricted to EU Member States representatives. All the access requests must be granted by ETSI and EC.