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ETSI Rapporteurs' guide

ETSI produces guides to provide concise and clear information on specific subjects.
The Rapporteur's guide is a compilation of what it is essential to know when drafting ETSI deliverables.
ETSI offers different formats to match the different working environments. Please choose from the list below the media which best suits your needs.

Fichier:Wikipedia logo (svg).svg — Wikipédia    Wiki Rapporteur's guide.

    The ETSI Rapporteur's Guide PowerPoint animated slide show (Microsoft Office needed). 
NOTE: If you have chosen the PowerPoint slide show, it is essential to press on the "Slide Show" icon (see below), to start viewing this guide.

To use the different functions of this presentation, please read the one page PDF document available here.

    The ETSI Rapporteur's Guide PDF version

   The ETSI Rapporteur's Guide video