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Specialist Task Forces (STF)


Specialist Task Forces (STF) are teams established to support the ETSI Technical structure to accelerate the production of standards urgently required by the ETSI Members or the European Commission (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

STFs give ETSI a competitive advantage by making readily available the technical competence to quickly develop standards needed by the market and/or to implement European Union policies.

STFs can be requested by a Reference Body (Technical committee, ETSI Project, ETSI Partnership Project, Special Committee, Industry Specification Group), when the development of a standard requires specific technical competence not available in the Reference Body and/or the time scale cannot be achieved with the normal voluntary contribution of the delegates.

Funding can then be obtained from the ETSI budget, EC/EFTA contracts or voluntary contribution from ETSI Members.

Expertise for the STFs can be proposed by ETSI Member Companies or Organizations or by non-Member, with the support of an ETSI Member.

The Reference Body is responsible for the technical guidance of the STF.  The ETSI Secretariat provides assistance for financing, recruitment of experts, establishment of contracts, project management, document editing, IT and logistic support 

The drafts produced by the STF will then be submitted to the normal approval process relevant to that type of standard.

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