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Styles listing

The listing of all the styles used in ETSI deliverables is available in the table here.

Do not alter existing styles or formats pre-set in the ETSI styles, do not add new styles to the ETSI template and do not delete ETSI styles. 

Styles template

The ETSI Secretariat provides a Microsoft® Word template which contains a set of pre-defined styles simplifying the formatting of documents according to the ETSI drafting rules:

  • applying the ETSI template from the very beginning of work avoids delay throughout the drafting stage;
  • it can be applied to a new or existing ETSI deliverable;
  • it is recommended to attach it to the change request (CR) template;
  • it must only be used for the purpose of the standardization work within ETSI.

For Word for Windows® 2007 and higher use the following file:

For Word for Windows® 1997 to 2003 use the following file:

Help to install the ETSI template! in PDF format or video guide

Styles toolbar

The ETSI styles toolbar allows for the easy application of ETSI styles when working with Microsoft Word®. It can be installed on your computer and will appear on your working window so that all the tools you need for drafting are available in just one click. We strongly recommend that you install this toolbar as correct use of styles speeds up the pre-processing procedure.

For Microsoft® Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/Office 365 use the following file:

For Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2002/2003 use the following file:

Help to install the ETSI styles toolbar! in PDF format