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Preparatory meeting travel expenses reimbursement


ETSI will reimburse the travelling and subsistence costs for the candidates, according to the ETSI STF/TTF Mission Travel Rules:

ETSI may reimburse directly the expert for the participation, on personal bank account, because the contract is not established yet.

In order to obtain the reimbursement, candidates will have to:

  1. complete the Travel Expenses Reimbursement form
  2. include the original receipts of expenses (flight ticket included) or an invoice with copy of the bills, if the original bills must be retained by the traveller's Company;
  3. include a copy of the first page of the invitation (containing the invite list)
  4. send to the following address:


ETSI  650, route des Lucioles,

F-06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex


For more information you can contact STFLINK  

Case of non reimbursement:

  • Daily allowance is not admitted.The time spent to attend the Preparatory Meeting is not remunerated.