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STF/TTF Management responsibilities

Reference Body

The Reference Body is responsible to:

  • prepare and approve STF/TTF Terms of Reference
  • continue to provide voluntary contribution to support the STF/TTF work
  • contribute to the Steering Group 
  • review intermediate deliverables and STF/TTF Reports, during plenary meetings
  • make important decisions on the direction of the STF/TTF
  • approve the deliverables for publication
  • approve the Final Report of the STF/TTF

When the technical activity is closely related to a WG is identified, it is normal practice that the RB delegates to the WG he responsibility for the management of the STF/TTF.  The WG and/or the STF/TTF Leader will report to the RB plenary.  The final drafts will be submitted to the final approval of the Reference Body.

RB Chair

The Chair of the Reference Body or of the delegated WG is responsible to:

  • support the approval and funding process, in coordination with the ETSI Secretariat
  • select the experts and the STF/TTF Leader, in coordination with the ETSI Secretariat
  • chair the Preparatory Meeting to set-up the STF/TTF and agree on the work plan
  • chair the Steering Group to monitor and control the STF/TTF activity
  • make urgent decisions, in coordination with the Steering Group, the STF/TFF Leader and the Secretariat
  • endorse, in coordination with the ETSI Secretariat, the STF/TTF Leader proposals to hire new experts, replace existing experts or for significant changes in the work plan or resources allocation

Steering Group

If the size of the reference RB/WG is large and/or the STF/TTF requires frequent consultation and guidance from the reference RB/WG, it is recommended to set-up a Steering Group, to assist the Chair in the management of the STF/TTF and to ensure a better liaison with the Member delegates, in-between RB/WG plenary meetings.

The Steering Group must be created as soon as possible after the set-up of the STF/TTF.  Participation must be open to all RB/WG delegates.

The delegates in the Steering Group must be readily available to react to requests of guidance from the Chair and the STF/TTF Leader, either individually or in specially convened meetings (typically on-line).

STF/TTF Leader

The STF/TTF Leader is responsible for the management of the STF/TTF activity and, in particular to:

  • allocate tasks to the experts within the agreed manpower allocation
  • propose changes of manpower allocation, recruitment/replacement of experts
  • monitor budget use, in coordination with the ETSI Secretariat
  • propose corrective actions that require changes of work plan or deliverables schedule
  • represent the Specialist Task Force/Technical Task Force in meetings with the Reference Body and/or external Organizations
  • propose mission travels for the experts
  • report on the progress of the Specialist Task Force/Technical Task Force
  • validate the experts' time sheets declaration with respect to the contribution actually provided
  • coordinate the support of the ETSI Secretariat for the day-to-day activity of the Specialist Task Force/Technical Task Force
  • make requests or suggestions to the ETSI Secretariat on behalf of the Specialist Task Force/Technical Task Force
  • provide the final deliverables to the Reference Body and the ETSI Secretariat
  • ensure that the experts know and apply the ETSI rules

ETSI Secretariat 

The ETSI Secretariat is responsible to:

  • support approval and funding process for the STF/TTF ToR presented by the reference RB
  • announce vacancies and collect candidatures
  • select the experts and the STF/TTF Leader, in coordination with the RB Chair
  • prepare contracts for the experts' Organizations
  • provide technical, administrative and logistic support for the STF/TTF activity
  • approve mission travel to meetings and events
  • maintain the STF/TTF Work Plan and validate achievement of intermediate and final milestones
  • manage corrective actions, in coordination with the STF/TTF Leader and RB Chair
  • provide support for deliverables edition and approval
  • manage fund and report to ETSI, EC/EFTA and other funding partners