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Evaluation of proposals

The following evaluation criteria will be applied to the proposals received in response to a Call for Expertise, in order of priority:

  • Evidence that the applicant has the necessary structure, competence and expertise to ensure delivery as proposed
  • Reference to current or previous activities in the specific technical domain of this project
  • Critical review of the most efficient way to achieve the objectives in the STF/TTF ToR
  •  Effective approach/methodology for the execution of the tasks
  •  Implementation schedule
  •  Clear pricing policy

Compliance with the first two criteria is mandatory.
Proposals that do not comply with these criteria will not be included in the short list.

Priority will be given to technical quality of the proposals. Pricing considerations will be taken into account to ensure that the best value for money is achieved. Compatibility with the maximum budget agreed by the Board or available from the EC/EFTA financial quotation or from voluntary funding, will be verified before placing a Service Contract.

Proposals will be reviewed and assessed by the Selection Panel.  If consensus cannot be achieved, the decision will be made by the ETSI Director-General.  The ETSI Secretariat will keep notes of the rationale for the selection, which will remain at the disposal of the ETSI Director-General.  The ETSI Secretariat will communicate to the applicants only the result of the selection (accepted or not accepted).  Should applicants need more information on the rationale for the selection, they must address a formal request to the ETSI Director-General.