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STF/TTF Closure

Conclusion of the STF/TTF activity

An STF/TTF will be closed when the deliverables required in the ToR have been approved by the reference body and accepted by the ETSI Secretariat for publication or for the approval step for which the STF/TTF is committed (e.g. ENAP, Member Vote, etc.).

The results achieved by the STF/TTF will be reported by the ETSI Secretariat to the ETSI Board and the funding Partners.

The accounts on the expert contracts will be settled according to the accepted time sheet declarations.
Unused resources will be returned to the general ETSI budget or to the funding Partners. If additional activities are identified by the RB on the STF/TTF deliverables, then the RB must submit a request for a new STF/TTF for approval and funding.

IT services and working documents

When the STF/TTF is closed, IT services will be terminated: access rights to the e-mail server and document storage will be closed immediately after the closure of the STF/TTF.  Working documents, e-mail archive and other files stored on the documentation exchange area will be kept for a limited period (one month after the closure of the STF/TTF).

Working documents that must be preserved for future use must be uploaded as contributions on the docbox of the reference body.
The necessary information to recover these files must be recorded in the Final Report.

Closure of expert contracts 

When an STF/TTF is closed, the expert contracts (Service Provision Agreements) are terminated, even if not all resources have been used.  No more work can be charged by the experts on the STF/TTF account, nor additional travels can be authorized.

The balance of the Service Provision Agreements will be settled when all the deliverables required in the ToR are approved by the RB and accepted by the ETSI Secretariat for publication (or public consultation / vote, as required in the contract).

If the STF/TTF is funded under EC/EFTA contract or another voluntary funding provider, the ETSI Secretariat must get confirmation of acceptance of the deliverables and the Final Report by the EC/EFTA (or the funding provider), before settling the balance of the contracts.