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Presentations in articles and conferences

ETSI welcome open and transparent dissemination of information on the progress of the standardization work, however, the following guidelines must be followed, when presenting the STF/TTF activity:

  • the ETSI identity is visibly manifested by using the official branding, trademarks, logos and presentation templates
  • explicit reference is made to the role of the ETSI Technical Organization, funding partners and the STF/TTF mechanism
  • ETSI role is clearly distinct from any other business, either commercial or not for profit
  • the material presented does not infringe any copyright or confidentiality requirement
  • it is made clear that the material presented represents a working assumption of the STF/TTF, that has not yet been approved by the ETSI Members and cannot be interpreted as an official ETSI position
  • the presentation has been reviewed and endorsed by the Chair of the reference body and the ETSI Technical Officer