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STF/TTF reports

STF/TTF must report to the Reference Body (RB) and to the funds provider, if funded by the EC/EFTA or voluntary contributors.

There are three type of Reports: 

  • Progress Report, to be presented to plenary meetings of the RB, according to the Milestone schedule that has been defined in the Preparatory Meeting.
  • Interim Report (only for STF/TTF funded by EC/EFTA), to be presented at a date defined in the EC/EFTA contract, when the duration of the Action is more than 36 months and to be approved by EC/EFTA (also defined in the Preparatory Meeting)
  • Final Report, to be presented to the RB together with the deliverables for final approval, for STF/TTFs funded by ETSI.  To be submitted to the EC/EFTA after the publication of the deliverables and before the end of the Action for STF/TTFs funded by EC/EFTA.

The STF/TTF Leader is responsible for producing and presenting the Reports.

The draft deliverables with the level of development that has been defined in the corresponding Milestone must be uploaded on the RB contribution area and referred in the Report. If the expected level of development has not been achieved, the reasons for the delay must be explained and corrective actions proposed.

The achievement of a Milestone will trigger the payment of the work done by the experts.  If a Milestone is not achieved, the RB Chair, the STF/TTF Leader and the STF/TTF Manager will review the corrective actions and the revised time scale proposed.  If these are agreed upon, payment will be made when the corrective actions have been implemented and the requirements set in the updated milestone schedule have been achieved.

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