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ETSI numbering system for documents

You will find below information on the structure of ETSI document numbering. Annex B of the ETSI Technical Working Procedures of the ETSI Directives provide the same information in a different manner.

These are examples of what you will see when downloading an ETSI standard.

File name Corresponds to File type Document number Version n°
eg_200351v020202p.pdf »
ETSI EG published EG 200 351 V2.2.2 » ETSI EN composed of several parts with electronic attachment(s) EN 300 052-6 V1.3.1
GTS (version withdrawn GSM 02.93  V5.4.0 

Detailed explanation

The first two letters represent the deliverable type:

Deliverable type
Type Description
ETSI numbering (further details)
EN ETSI European Standard (Norm)
ES ETSI Standard
GS ETSI Group Specification
TS ETSI Technical Specification
TR ETSI Technical Report
SR ETSI Special Report
Old regime (further details)
ETS ETSI European Telecommunication Standards
I-ETS ETSI Interim European Telecommunication Standards
ETR ETSI Technical Report
NET ETSI Normes Européennes de Télécommunication
TBR ETSI Technical Bases for Regulation
TCRTR ETSI Technical Commitee Reference Technical Reports
GTS GSM ETSI GSM Technical Specifications

To distinguish the deliverable type from the deliverable number an underscore "_" is placed between them.

  • All the SRs start with the number "0"
  • All the TRs and TSs start with the number "1"
  • All the EGs and ESs start with the number "2"
  • All the ENs start with the number "3"
  • All the GSs start with the three letters corresponding to the ISG name e.g. "QKD"

The deliverable might be composed of several parts and sometimes also sub-parts.

In this case the part's number is indicated just after the deliverable number

EN 301 165 Part 1 » en_30116501.

EN 301 165 Part 1 Sub-part 4 » en_3011650104.

The number following "v" is the version number.

eg_200351v020202p.pdf  »  EG 200 351 V2.2.2.

The procedure the deliverable has been sent on is shown by a code:

a approval procedure
c public enquiry
v vote
p publication

eg_200351v020202a.pdf  »  sent on approval procedure.

Electronic attachments are contained in a ZIP file. This file has the same number as the deliverable to which it is attached but with a " 0" (zero) placed after the phase code.