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Call for Expertise

The "Call for Expertise" (CfE) includes the following elements:

General information

  • Identification of the subject and background information on the STF/TTF
  • Deadline to submit proposals
  • Instructions to submit proposals
  • Information on how proposals will be processed and the expected time scale
  • Detailed STF/TTF Terms of Reference

Application Form

  • Identification of the Organization and contact persons
  • Competence, qualification and references justifying ability to perform the work
  • Proposed approach and critical review of the STF/TTF ToR requirements 
  • Proposed contribution to each specific task
  • Availability to cooperate with other contractors (if required in ToR)
  • Financial information (offered price and pricing model)

Only applicants from EC/EFTA members state will be considered for EC/EFTA funded STF.

The Collective Letter is intended to be self-explanatory and contains all the necessary information to submit the proposals, however, a list of contact persons in the ETSI Secretariat and the Reference Body is provided, if more information is required.

Legal framework 

IPR and confidentiality

The information provided in the CfE, as well as the fact that the applicant has received the CfE, is considered confidential and protected under copyright laws.  The applicant may not discuss, share, or use the information in this CfE for any purpose other than the response to this CfE. 

ETSI will not disclose the content of any proposals to other applicants or any other party, with the exception of the persons involved in the assessment process. 

However, ETSI reserves the right to make use of the information provided in the proposal received to improve the project definition for the purpose of this CfE or any other manner in which ETSI may decide to proceed to select the service providers. 

If successful, the applicant will be required to sign a Service Contract, which includes IPR and Confidentiality clauses aligned with the relevant policies in the ETSI Directives.

Preparation cost

ETSI will not be responsible for any costs or expenses that the applicant may incur in preparing and/or submitting the proposal.