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Travelling for the STF/TTF

The STF/TTF budget includes an allocation to reimburse mission travel cost for the experts to represent the STF/TTF in meetings outside the normal working sessions.  

The travel budget is intended to present the STF/TTF activity and deliverables in ETSI meetings or with other organizations, to collect stakeholders' contribution, disseminate and promote the STF/TTF results, participate to events related to the STF/TTF activity.

The travel cost to attend the STF/TTF sessions is included in the contractual compensation and are not covered by the Travel budget.  If a STF/TTF session is co-located with a meeting, then the travel is part of the session and the cost cannot be claimed from the travel budget.  This rule applies independently of the location of the meeting and session in ETSI or another location. 

Mission travels under the STF/TTF budget must be authorized in advance by ETSI Secretariat (Read more)

  • The travel request (Travel Order) must be approved by the STF/TTF Leader and ETSI Secretariat (STF/TTF Manager)
  • The details of the travel organization and expected cost (Travel Order) will be reviewed and endorsed by the Administrative services of the ETSI Secretariat, to ensure consistency with the ETSI Travel Rules
  • Reimbursement will be made for the real cost and according to the ETSI Travel Rules

Travel authorization and reimbursement can be requested using the Travel Management WEB application (User guide available here)

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