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The STF/TTF Work Plan agreed in the Preparatory Meeting includes a set on intermediate milestones to monitor and control the progress of the project and allow detecting problems and trigger corrective actions.

Milestones typically correspond to Reports and deliverables to be presented for approval to the reference body or to the EC/EFTA.

The milestone includes the definition of the objectives that should be achieved at that point in time, according to the STF/TTF work plan.

If the objectives stated in the milestone are achieved, the STF/TTF work will continue as planned and the experts' Companies can issue an invoice corresponding to the related percentage payment of this milestone.

If the objectives are not reached (partially or totally), then the Report must explain the reasons of the failure, propose corrective actions, and an updated work plan for the continuation of the STF/TTF.

The final milestone always requires that the deliverables in the ToR are approved by the reference body and accepted by the ETSI Secretariat for publication or for the approval phase to which the STF/TTF is committed (e.g. approved for ENAP).