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Multi-type documents

How does ETSI numbering work and what does it tell you?

It may be decided that it is convenient to process one or more documents in parallel, with identical technical content but passing through different approval procedures.

EXAMPLE 1: Publish a TS while processing an EN through AP. 

EXAMPLE 2: Publish a TS while processing an ES through MV. 

EXAMPLE 3: Process an ES through MV while processing an EN through AP.

Numerous combinations of TSs, ESs and ENs together with the various approval procedures are possible. In all cases the numbering and version numbering of the documents are kept identical except for the first digit of the document number (which identifies the type).

EXAMPLE 4: Publish TS 101 234 V1.1.1 while processing an EN 301 234 V1.1.1 through AP.
Typically the TS will be withdrawn once the EN is published.

A non-specific reference in an EN, ES or TS shall be taken to refer to the latest published version.

The ETSI Secretariat is responsible for document numbering and management. If there is any doubt concerning document numbering or referencing, please consult editHelp!