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Report type details

Report Type
Progress Report

The schedule and objectives to be achieved are agreed upon in the Preparatory Meeting.

To be presented for approval to the reference body (RB) meetings.

Provides information on the progress of the work, results achieved with respect to milestone requirements or, if not achieved, the reasons, and proposed corrective actions, 

Draft deliverables required in the Milestone must be uploaded to the RB contributions area.

Outstanding issues and actions required MUST be summarized in the first section: "Executive Summary"

Periodic Report
(EC/EFTA contracts)
Must be submitted to EC/EFTA at the date defined in the Grant Agreement

Provides the overview of the current status of the project with respect to the EC/EFTA contractual requirements.

The current draft deliverables must be uploaded to the TB contributions area and referred to in the Report.

The STF/TTF Leader must provide the draft in advance of the deadline for the ETSI Secretariat review.

Final Report

ETSI funding:
presented together with the final deliverables for RB approval

EC/EFTA funding:
presented to EC/EFTA after the publication of deliverables and before the end date of the action.


Provides the overview of the final status of the project:

Annex: financial tables to be completed by ETSI STF/TTF Administrators (see note)

For STFs funded by EC/EFTA, the STF Leader must provide the draft in advance of the deadline (typically 30 days) for the ETSI Secretariat review and ensure that the RB approved deliverables are provided to the ETSI Secretariat on time for publication before the end date of the EC/EFTA action.

Note: whenever compatible with the time scale for the provision of the Report, the financial tables will be provided by the ETSI STF Administrators to the Leader to be included in the draft that will be submitted for approval, otherwise, the STF /TTF Leader will provide the technical part of the report and the ETSI Secretariat will merge the financial tables when ready.  When the Periodic or Final Report must be submitted before all cost claims are received, some provisional figures may appear.