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STF/TTF governing rules

The STF/TTF works under the technical guidance of the Reference Body and/or of one of its Working Groups.
A Steering Group may be established to provide closer guidance and support to the STF/TTF in-between RB/WG meetings.

The ETSI Director-General, assisted by the ETSI Secretariat and represented by the STF/TTF Manager, is responsible for the selection of experts, the allocation of resources in contracts, the application of the ETSI working procedures and the coordination with the Reference Body to ensure that the requirements in the STF/TTF ToR are fulfilled on time and within budget.

The ETSI FA Department is responsible for the Support and Administration of the STFs/TTFs.

The STF/TTF Leader will co-ordinate the work within the STF/TTF to achieve the objectives defined in the ToR, in accordance with the directions given by the Reference Body and the ETSI Secretariat.

The experts have the shared responsibility to achieve the objectives defined in the contract between ETSI and their Company and must apply their specific knowledge and skills to ensure the production of high quality deliverables.

The STF/TTF must work according to the requirements in the ETSI Directives and the STF Working Procedures.  ETSI standards must be drafted according to the ETSI Drafting Rules, so that they can be published after RB approval.