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IT Services details

The STF/TTFs have access to a standard configuration for the IT services and will be granted access rights according to the following information policy.  Additional requirements will be discussed with the STF/TTF Leader and the ETSI IT services.

The rules defining the use of computer means and systems at ETSI are defined  by the  IT Charter (abstract from the ETSI Internal Regulations).

Documents storage and exchange areas

MS Office Teams

All STF/TTFs will be granted access to a cloud workspace built on MS Office Teams, shared between other  the STF/TTF experts, the Technical Officer, the Chairman of the reference body and the STF/TTF Support Team.

The main features currently available are

  • A group email address that can be used to send emails to the members of the group
  • A persistent chat for the group members where you can create channels to organize conversations by topic, area or anything else
  • An online meeting and video-call service
  • A file-sharing service, powered by SharePoint
  • A task management application
  • A mailbox archive

STF/TTF presentation page on the ETSI Portal 

A presentation page for the STF/TTF will be created by the STF/TTF Support on the ETSI Portal.  This page is accessible from the Web and can be used as a “hook” to advertise the STF/TTF results and share documents for discussion inside and outside ETSI (e.g. by inserting a hyperlink from other Web pages and/or e-mail messages). See examples on the ETSI Portal.

STFlink ( will create an initial page for the STF/TTF and can provide help to improve and publish this page, based upon the information provided by the Leader.

Access rights and duration of information storage

STF/TTF experts will be granted access rights for the duration of their contract to the ETSI Portal, equivalent to those of the ETSI Members and specific to the STF/TTF, for the duration of their contract.

Access rights will be granted after reception by ETSI of the signed contract.

One month after the end of the contract, access rights related to the cloud workspace will be removed and the ETSI mailbox will be closed and archived  unless the STF/TTF Expert is under contract with ETSI for another STF/TTF.  Access rights on the Portal will revert to those relevant to the ETSI membership status of the experts' Company.  

The information stored will be archived by ETSI for a period of three years after the conclusion of the STF/TTF. During this period, experts may request recovering information to the STF/TTF Support Team.  After this period, all documentation will be deleted.

Actions to take in-between sessions and after the conclusion of the STF/TTF

Access to ETSI internal network will be disabled by an automatic procedure at the end of the contract, without further notice.

It is recommended that, before the STF/TTF closure or contract expiration, the STF/TTF Leader forwards the final deliverables and Reports to the reference body.

Before terminating a work session in their STF/TTF, each expert is invited to set a rule on their ETSI mailbox to forward the incoming mails to their personal mailbox and submit the due timesheets generated by the TAM application.


The IT Helpdesk can be contacted:

  • by e-mail at
  • by phone at +33 4 9294 4900, during the opening hours (8:30-12:30 13:30-16:30) Sophia-Antipolis local time.

IT FAQs are available from the ETSI Portal at