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TTF Process calendar

Calendar for allocation of ETSI TTF budget 2024

ETSI TTF 2024 Budget Allocation Calendar

   27 August 2023

Send draft Terms of Reference to ETSI

Download TTF Terms of Reference Template. Complete at least Part I. Have the ToR approved by the Reference Body, if possible.

Send the ToRs to the CTI Director: or to

28 August - 11 September 2023

CTI develops TTF Technical Roadmap for 2024 and Multi-Annual Plan, based on the ToRs submitted by TBs/ISGs.

19 - 21 September 2023

Board and OCG to comment at Board#144 on Technical Roadmap, Multi-Annual Plan and TTF budget proposal

28 - 29 November 2023

ETSI budget, including TTF budget, approved at GA#80

January 2024 onwards

TTFs are established, by the DG at the appropriate time, based on the Technical Roadmap. Full ToRs (Part I and Part II), approved by the TB/ISG, must be submitted before a TTF can be established. Recruitment can take place in 2023 in urgent cases, once the autumn GA has decided on the budget.

January, June, September 2024

Regular reporting from CTI to Board and OCG. Updates of Technical Roadmap if required.

February to September 2024

New call for TTF proposals for 2025 Technical Roadmap