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SAI ISG Securing Artificial Intelligence

Directory Listing/zArchive/ISG/SAI (etsi org)

Work items 2023-12-19  
SAFTEY JWG TC106X-4  Directory Listing /Safety/CENELEC_joint_working_groups/Safety-jwg-tc106x-4 (  None  2023-06-13  
SAFTEY JWG TC106X-7  Directory Listing /Safety/CENELEC_joint_working_groups/Safety-jwg-tc106x-7 (  None  2023-06-13  
SAFTEY JWG TC108  Directory Listing /Safety/CENELEC_joint_working_groups/Safety-jwg-tc108 (  None  2023-06-13  
IPE ISG IPv6 Enhanced innovation Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/IPE ( Work items 2023-01-19  
NTECH TC Network Technologies Directory Listing /zArchive/NTECH ( Work items 2022-12-01  
RRS WG2  Reconfigurable Radio Equipment Architecture  Directory Listing /RRS/RRS/60-WGs/WG2 ( Work items 2021-05-20  
ERM TG41  Wireless Industrial Applications  Directory Listing /ERM/ERMTG41 ( Work items 2021-03-09  
E4P ISG Europe for Privacy-Preserving Pandemic Protection Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/E4P ( Work items 2021-06-11 Maintenance have been transferred to eHEALTH
IP6 ISG IPv6 Best Practices Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/IP6 ( Work items 2020-11-18  
DECT WG Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications Directory Listing /DECT/DECTURLLC ( Work items 2020-08-09  
NGP ISG Next Generation Protocol Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/NGP ( Work items 2020-02-25  
CDP ISG City Digital profile Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/CDP (   2018-07-31  
ECI ISG Embedded Common Interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/ECI ( Work Items 2018-07-31  
SMT ISG Surface Mount Technique Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/SMT ( Work Items 2018-07-30  
CCM ISG intelligent Compound Content Management Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/CCM ( Work Items 2018-07-27  
MBC ISG Mobile and Broadcast Convergence Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/MBC ( Work Items 2018-07-27 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to JTC Broadcast
OCG MCP SC AdHoc Group on EC Mandate Coordination Processes Directory Listing /zArchive/OCG/OCG_MCP ( N/A 2018-01-30  
PLT TC Powerline Telecommunications Directory Listing /zArchive/PLT ( Work Items 2017-11-14 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC ATTM/TM6
QSC ISG Quantum Safe Cryptography Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/QSC ( Work items 2017-03-10 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC CYBER WG QSC
ORI ISG Open Radio equipment Interface Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/ORI ( Work items 2016-07-06 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC RRS
AERO TC Aeronautics Directory Listing /zArchive/AERO/AERO ( Work items 2016-02-04 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC ERM TGAERO
LIS ISG Localisation Industry Standards Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/LIS ( Work items 2015-10-19  
LTN ISG Low Throughput Networks Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/LTN ( Work items 2015-10-19 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC ERM
E2NA EPP End to End Network Architecture Directory Listing /zArchive/E2NA ( Work items 2015-03-26  
MOI ISG Measurement Ontology for IP traffic Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/MOI ( Work items 2014-07-07  
INS ISG Identity and access management for Networks and Services Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/INS ( Work items 2014-03-14  
CLOUD TC CLOUD Directory Listing /zArchive/CLOUD ( Work items 2014-01-30 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC NTECH
AFI ISG Autonomic network engineering for the self-managing Future Internet Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/AFI ( Work items 2013-11-13 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC NTECH WG AFI
MCD TC Media Content Distribution Directory Listing /zArchive/MCD ( Work items 2013-07-10 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC NTECH
OSG ISG Open Smart Grid Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/OSG ( Work items 2013-03-04 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to TC PLT
TISPAN TC TISPAN Directory Listing /zArchive/TISPAN ( Work items 2012-09-20 The remaining work and maintenance have been transferred to EP E2NA
MTC ISG Mobile Thin Client Directory Listing /zArchive/ISG/MTC ( Work items 2012-04-18  
MESA EPP Public Safety Partnership Project Directory Listing /zArchive/ProjectMESA ( Work items 2010-12-01  
ECMA TC Communication, Networks and Systems Interconnection Directory Listing /zArchive/ECMATC32 ( Work items 2009-01-15  
AT TC Access and Terminals (transferred to ATTM) Directory Listing /AT (   2007-01-25  
TM TC Transmission & Multiplexing (transferred to ATTM)   2007-01-25  
SPAN TC Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks Work items 2003-09-25 The Board approved the creation of a new TC "TISPAN" to be responsible for all aspects of standardisation for present and future converged networks including the NGN.
TIPHON TC Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks Work items 2003-09-25  
M-COMM EP Mobile Commerce Work items 2003-09-11 ETSI PROJECT M-Commerce recommended to ETSI Board #43 (17th 18th June) that the ETSI Project Mobile Commerce (EP M-COMM) to be closed after the completion of the STF 221 work (July 2003) and that remaining work is transferred to another ETSI Technical Body. To ensure the continuation of existing work the EP M-COMM will approach TC ESI and TC SCP with a view of combining the work of EP M-COMM into TC ESI or SCP.
SEC ESI WG Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures Work items 2002-07-25 Board#38 confirmed the closure of WG SEC ESI and approved the creation of TC ESI. All documents and information related to WG SEC ESI can also be reached from the TC ESI pages
SEC LI WG Lawful Interception Work items 2002-07-25 Board#38 confirmed the closure of WG SEC LI and approved the creation of TC LI
SEC TC Security Work items 2002-07-25 The SEC Working groups (ESI and LI) were closed and TC ESI and a TC LI were created to continue the work. All documents and information relevant to ESI and LI are available from the TC ESI and TC LI sites
NGN SG Next Generation Networks   2002-02-11 The NGN-SG was closed by GA38 on 21 November 2001, following the successful completion of its work (see">final report). The work of the group continues under the NGN-IG and the TOR-G.
TMN TC Telecommunications Management Network   2002-02-08 During its last plenary meeting Jan 14 - 18, 2002, deliverables for the last two active work items were approved. After discussing various alternatives, it was decided to propose to the ETSI board to close the TC-TMN as such and to encourage participation of telecoms management experts in TIPHON and 3GPP SA5. The ETSI Board#37 meeting in Sophia-Antipolis, 6 - 7 February 2002 approved the closure of TC TMN. Maintenance of the existing deliverables is undertaken by TISPAN, with the exception of transmission-related subjects, which should be undertaken by TM.
ETSAG SC European Telecommunications Standards Awareness Group     2002-02-04 During its last ETSAG#22 meeting on 4 January 2002 it was decided to rename ETSAG to "IMPACT".
UMTS EP Universal Mobile Telecommunication System     2000-10-26 EP UMTS had its last meeting on 12 October 2000 in Staines, UK. The meeting has agreed to transfer the remaining miscellaneous work item and two substantial contributions to TC SPAN, which has already allocated a time slot at their next plenary meeting in November 2000. Having completed all other work items, EP UMTS considered its mission as completed and recommended the Board/GA to formally close the ETSI Project UMTS. The ETSI Board#29 meeting in San Francisco, 25 - 26 October 2000 approved the closure of EP UMTS and expressed its sincere thanks to Mr. Pierre Perrichon (Chairman) and Mr. Peter Adams (acting-Chairman) for their work in running the Project [B29 Temp.Doc.04].
SMG TC Special Mobile Group   2000-08-01 GSM Frequency Bands | Cross Reference between GSM/ UMTS/ 3GPP and ETSI numbering See 3GPP specifications status list: TC SMG was closed following the decision of the Organizational Partners of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) to transfer the further development of the GSM specifications to the Project. A new Technical Specification Group (TSG GERAN) was created within 3GPP to handle the GSM-specific radio aspects transferred. Responsibility for standards for regulatory use (so-called Harmonized Standards, based primarily on the GSM 13-series specifications) were at the same time transferred to ETSI TC MSG.
ATA EP Analogue Terminals & Access   2000-05-18 The ETSI Project Analogue Terminals and Access (ATA) was responsible for the standardization of all telecommunication aspects of analogue terminal equipment. Within the CTR regime, ATA had responsibility for the elaboration of regulatory standards. Its remaining work was transferred to TC AT.
DTA EP Digital Terminals & Access   2000-05-18 The ETSI Project Digital Terminals and Access (DTA) was responsible for the standardization of all telecommunication aspects of digital terminal equipment. Within the CTR regime, DTA had responsibility for the elaboration of regulatory standards. It was closed on 2000-05-17 and its remaining work was transferred to TC AT.
PTS EP Pay Terminals & Access   2000-05-18 ETSI Project on Pay Terminals and Systems (PTS), formely TE9, was established at the end of 1996. PTS was responsible for the standardization of equipment and systems for use with Integrated Circuit (IC) card systems for wired payment telecommunications terminals. PTS issued an upgraded version of CEN EN726, in line with the conformance testing (CEN prEN13343/4/5), to form a comprehensive package. PTS worked closely with TC224 (Machine Readable Cards) of the European Standards Committee (CEN). In fact, PTS was nearly identical to CEN TC224 WG9. PTS collaborated with TC Integrated Circuit Cards (ICC) to produce a series of ETSI Guides on the allocation of identifiers (EG 201 220/227). Since 1998 ETSI SMG9 is responsible for studying generic IC card issues and development and maintenance of standards for general telecommunication purposes. PTS was actively contributing to the SMG9_generic group.
EASI EP ETSI Project ATM Services & Inter-operability   2000-05-18 The ETSI Project ATM Services Interoperability (EASI) produced specifications necessary to enable interoperability between ATM networks in order to allow for interoperable ATM-based services across network boundaries. EP EASI worked in close partnership with EURESCOM project P813 which was finalized at the end of 1999. Its remaining work was transferred to TC TMN and TC SPAN.
GMM CG AC Special Committee - Global Multimedia Mobility Co-ordination Group     1999-07-09  
SPS TC Signalling, Protocols and Switching   1999-06-07 TCs NA and SPS were merged to form TC SPAN.
NA TC Network Aspects   1999-06-07 TCs NA and SPS were merged to form TC SPAN.
CTM EP Cordless Terminal Mobility     1999-02-19 The primary objective of EP-CTM was to oversee the establishment and the progress of work items related to the definition and implementation of standards for Cordless Terminal Mobility (CTM) in a number of ETSI Technical Bodies. The work areas that were identified, and are included in Phases 1, 2, and 2+, are considered sufficient to provide the basis for an attractive set of CTM product and service offerings. Having overseen the creation and progress of the CTM work items to a point where only a minimum of co-ordination work was required, it was appropriate to review the role of EP-CTM. It was always envisaged that the role of EP-CTM would need to be reviewed when the UMTS standardisation commenced. In addition, the report of the ETSI Ad Hoc Group on Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC) showed how it is possible to combine fixed, cordless and cellular access, via private and public core networks within a consistent model. That model has now been included in the determined ITU-T Recommendation Q.1701 as an integral part of the framework for IMT2000. That model indicates how an harmonised set of interfaces and protocols can be used to provide access to a consistent set of (VHE) services that are independent of the access and core networks. Furthermore, it is felt that the regulatory uncertainty, that has handicapped the exploitation of the CTM standards, is likely to change as the pressures increase, from both fixed and mobile network operators, to be able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of fixed and mobile services. As a result, it was appropriate to consider any further CTM developments in the context of UMTS and FMC. During the period that the future role of EP-CTM was being considered, ETSI was successful in creating the Third Generation Partnership Project 3GPP with T1-P1 (USA), ARIB and TTC (Japan) and TTA (Korea). 3GPP is responsible for producing a set of technical specifications for the UMTS System. That UMTS system is expected to include fixed and cordless applications. In addition to the creation of 3GPP, ETSI has also created EP-UMTS to deal with those UMTS Standardization issues that are outside the scope of 3GPP. Following discussions in the ETSI Board, GMM CG, OCG6 and finally OCG7, it was agreed that, given the 3GPP and EP-UMTS projects, it would not be appropriate to revise the role of EP-CTM to include the fixed and cordless access and private network elements of UMTS. It was, therefore agreed to close EP-CTM. This leaves any remaining co-ordination activities to take place directly between the technical bodies responsible for the remaining implementation.
MTA TC Multimedia Terminals and Applications   1998-06-10 ETSI Project MTA, formerly the Multimedia Management Group (MMG) of the closed down TC TE, was established in 1997. MTA should bring together the work of an existing multimedia project an multimedia developments previously dispersed over a number of Technical Bodies. Much of the MTA's work over the year has concentrated on defining a new work programme and gathering together the relevant experts. Responsible for standards and reports for the development of applications and terminals for the multimedia market. External liaison with external bodies such as ITU-T, ISO/JTC1/SC29, DAVIC, IMTC, IETF, IANA, EWOS, EBU, EV. NOTE: Since March 1998 no further MTA meetings had been planned. Part of the remaining MTA work should be moved into the ETSI Project TIPHON.
ICC TC Integrated Circuit cards     1998-06-10 ICC, formerly the Card Expert Group (CEG) of PAC and later of SMG, was established end 1996. ICC developed common hardware and software core (platform) standards to support future (or later phases of current) applications and multi-application/inter-industry cards (e.g. bank/telecom). ICC identified whether ETSI cards specifications can be aligned, whilst maintaining backward compatibility. Influenced ETSI cards groups to introduce phased changes in order to align cards specifications towards an enlarged common platform. ICC managed and co-ordinated activities related to the assignment of parameters, (e.g. element names, application identifiers, commands, responses), in particular where these are shared or could cause conflict between applications, and ensured liaison with the ETSI Secretariat. ICC was ETSI's official external liaison body concerning cards standards (e.g. ISO/CEN). Its remaining work was transferred to SMG 9.
CN EP Corporate Networks   1998-04-21 EP CN had the same responsibilities as TC BTC but in addition it was responsible to fulfil the mandate on Corporate Telecommunications Networks covering both partially Public and fully Private Networks ordered by the European Commission under the number BC-T-326. It was closed on 1998-04-21 and its remaining work was transferred to ECMA TC32.
RES TC Radio Equipment & Systems   1997-07-21 The Technical Committee Radio Equipment and Systems was formed to develop standards for all radio communication equipment and systems except for those specifically allocated to other Technical Committees. TC RES closed in 1997. The active work items were distributed as follows: - RES1 (Maritime) to TC ERM - RES2 (Land Mobile Radio) to TC ERM - RES3 (Cordless Comunications) to EP DECT. - RES4 (Paging Systems) to TC ERM - RES5 (Terrestrial Flight Telecommunications System) to TC ERM - RES 6 (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) to EP TETRA - RES 8 (Short Range Devices) to TC ERM. - RES 9 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) to TC ERM. - RES 10 (Radio Local Area Networks) items relating to HIPERLAN to EP BRAN; other items to TC ERM - RES 11 (Radio Site Engineering) to TC ERM TC RES held its final meeting from 23 to 27 June 1997 in Sandefjord, Norway.
EPIC AC European Project on Information Infrastructure Co-ordination Group     1997-07-08 The European Project (later Programme) on Information Infrastructure Coordination Group (EPIC) took over where EPIISG left off. EPIISG having identified the standardization areas which could be addressed in the context of EII/GII, EPIC's role was to establish active standardization projects, and to monitor and coordinate their progress. Following discussions both within EPIC and outside, it became clear that its field of interest was much wider than ETSI alone, incorporating as it did areas rightly the domain of other standardization bodies (CEN & CENELEC and their international equivalents, ISO & IEC), as well as other quasi-standardization organizations (ATM Forum, EWOS, ...). It thus ceased to be an ETSI-managed committee, and became an arm of the then recently established Information, Communication and Telecommunications Standards Board (ICTSB). EPIC was closed in August 1997 when its duties were fully absorbed by ICTSB.
TE TC Terminal Equipment   1996-12-16 The Technical Committee Terminal Equipment (TE) was responsible for the standardization of all telecommunication aspects of terminal equipment and terminal systems with the exception of PABX/ISPBX/Complex installations and radio communication aspects. It was also responsible across ETSI for the Project Management of Multimedia (MMG) Application and Services. Within the CTR and ONP regimes, TE had major responsibility for the elaboration of regulatory standards. It was closed on 1996-12-16 and its remaining work was transferred to EP ATA, EP DTA, EP MTA, TC STQ, TC ICC and EP PTS.
BTC TC Business Telecommunications   1996-12-16 TC BTC had the same responsibilities as TC BT but in addition it was responsible of the new co-operation with ECMA TC32 and ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC6. It was closed on 1996-12-16 and its remaining work was transferred to EP CN
EPIISG AC European Project on Information Infrastructure Starter Group     1996-06-07 The European Project on Information Infrastructure Starter Group, EPIISG, was created in June 1995 by decision of the Technical Assembly, based on a recommendation in the final report of the 6th Strategic Review Committee (SRC6). Its brief was to continue the work started by SRC6 with a view to identifying concrete standardization areas which ETSI and other organizations could address in the field of European information infrastructure (EII) - i.e. the European elements of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII). This it achieved: about 30 areas were identified, and are listed in EPIISG's final report. EPIISG closed in May 1996 was superseded by EPIC.
BT TC Business Telecommunications     1993-12-15  
IMCC MC ISDN Management and Coordination Committee     1993-10-06 IMCC had the same responsibilities as ISM but in addition it was asked by the October 91 GA to take into account also the Private ISDN issues and so to co-operate with ECMA TC32. It was closed on 1993-10-06 and its remaining work was stopped although the relevant output deliverable ETR 076 was not fully completed.
ATM TC Advanced Testing Methods     1993-04-30 TC ATM had the same responsibilities as TC MTS. It was renamed on 1993-04-30 and its remaining work was transferred to TC MTS.
PS TC Paging Systems     1993-04-09 The Paging Systems (PS) Technical Committee started work in June 1989. Its task was to develop the full ERMES system specification into an ETSI standard. The task was divided between 3 main groups; PS1, PS2 and PS3. PS1 was tasked with defining the Services and Facilities for the system, while PS2 was required to develop the Radio Interface to the pagers and PS3 was developed the Network aspects for the system. The standard ETS 300 133 was published by ETSI in July 1992. By the end of 1993 PS considered that its main task was completed and it was agreed to move the maintenance of the standard to a sub Technical Committee RES04 under the RES Technical Committee in ETSI. Following the restructuring last year, this committee is now a working group inside ERM and is designated RP04-Paging
ISM MC ISDN Standards Management     1991-11-01 ISM was responsible for co-ordinating the Public ISDN Standardisation activity as planned by the MoU ISDN. It worked in close co-operation with EIUF and IMIMG. It was closed on 1991-11-01 and its remaining work was transferred to IMCC.