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Preparatory Meeting

The representatives of the Companies/Organizations short listed by the Selection Panel after the first evaluation round of the proposals, will be invited to attend the Preparatory Meeting to set-up the STF/TTF.

The purpose of the Preparatory Meeting is for the ETSI Selection Panel to make a recommendation to the ETSI Director-General on the selection of the contractors that will perform the STF/TTF work.

The invitation to the Preparatory Meeting does not imply any obligation from ETSI. The final decision on the selection of the contractors will be made by the ETSI Director-General.


  • Selection Panel (ETSI Secretariat and Reference Body representatives)
  • Representatives of the short-listed Companies/Organizations (accountable for technical and financial decisions)
  • Other technically competent persons nominated by the ETSI Secretariat and/or the Reference Body


  • Review the proposals and reach a common understanding on the tasks to be shared (if required)
  • Identify the tasks to be performed and the deliverables to be provided by each contractor 
  • Identify the interfaces between tasks and dependencies between contractors (input/output/handover)
  • Agree the work plan (deliverables, milestones, time scale)
  • Define the interaction with the Reference Body (meeting calendar, check points, etc.)
  • Identify consultation/dissemination activities
  • Evaluate travel budget requirements
  • Verify compatibility of offers with maximum budget
  • Negotiate adjustment of the financial conditions in the individual proposals, if required
  • Identify the services required by the Secretariat
  • Organize the IT services
  • Present the guidelines of the administrative procedures

Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting:

The minutes of the Preparatory Meeting will contain the summary of the technical and project planning requirements agreed in the meeting, including the description of the tasks to be performed and the deliverables to be provided by each contractor.

The minutes will be submitted for approval to all participants and will represent the reference document for the definition of the technical requirements in the Service Contracts that will be offered by ETSI.  

The financial conditions in the proposals, including any agreement reached in the individual negotiations will remain confidential between ETSI and each contractor.

Reimbursement of travel cost

ETSI will reimburse the travel and subsistence costs for the candidates according to the ETSI travel reimbursement rules (details will be provided in the invitation). read more