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IT services

IT configuration

STF/TTF experts must use the recommended ETSI tools and IT configuration to produce the draft standards, contribute to the Reference Body and cooperate with the other experts:

  • Document editors compatible with the supported file formats for drafting ETSI standards
  • Internet navigator compatible with Internet Explorer
  • access to Internet and e-mail account
  • File ZIP
  • Effective virus protection

This configuration can be provided by ETSI during the sessions in the ETSI premises.  When working from the home office, the expert Company must provide access to the Internet, the e-mail account and an equivalent IT configuration. ETSI will not provide any software license nor hardware equipment for use outside the ETSI internal network.

Document storage and exchange areas

ETSI will provide a temporary common storage area to share documents within the STF/TTF and with the reference body during the lifetime of the STF/TTF via MS Office Teams.

Official contributions to the reference body will be uploaded on the ETSI Portal.

Access to documents storage and exchange areas require an "ETSI on Line" (EoL) account, which is reserved to ETSI Members. ETSI Members can request an EoL account directly from the ETSI Portal.  Experts from non-Members will be given temporary access rights, after the contract with ETSI is signed.

e-mail List Server

ETSI will provide access to an e-mail server and create distribution lists to exchange e-mails between the STF/TTF experts and with the reference body.  An e-mail archive service is also available.

IT Charter

Experts must comply with the requirements of the ETSI IT charter.

IT Helpdesk

More information and support can be obtained from the ETSI IT Helpdesk.

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