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Specialist/Testing Task Force 587:
MEC Sandbox Scenarios and Interface Development

Who we are:


Team leader:
Team Members:

What we do

The objective of STF587 is to develop a publicly accessible MEC “Sandbox” environment on the ETSI Forge website.  The MEC Sandbox is an online edge emulation environment where application developers can learn and experiment with MEC Service APIs.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

The MEC ISG has specified a set of service APIs targeted for use by MEC applications and services deployed in an edge environment (  Developers can browse and download OpenAPI compliant descriptions for these APIs on the ETSI Forge site (  The MEC Sandbox is a pioneering step forward by offering edge developers the opportunity to interact with “live” MEC APIs in an easy to use online environment.  This will provide a more engaging and educational experience than considering the specifications in isolation.  Future MEC Hackathons and Plugfests will be facilitated by the availability of the MEC Sandbox.  This, in turn, will influence the standardization activities in ISG MEC, through the real-life feedback from the API end users.

How we do it

The STF is composed of technical experts who will, in coordination with the MEC DECODE Working Group and STF Steering Committee, develop the MEC Sandbox, using agile methods, including Scrum.


STF 587 will deliver:
•    A set of MEC Sandbox Scenarios, emulated edge network topologies with edge node and terminal behaviour, including MEC service API data models
•    A MEC Sandbox Web User-Interface for developer interaction via the ETSI Forge Site
•    A MEC Sandbox Back-End Emulation Engine to realize the Sandbox Scenarios
•    Finally, an Integrated MEC Sandbox Solution (scenarios, front-end, and back-end) ready for deployment to the ETSI Forge Site

Time plan

The work of STF 587 started in January 2020 and will be completed in December 2020.   
The main milestones of the project are listed in the table below: 



Target Date


Draft scenarios and user interface wire frame for WG review on ETSI Forge repository.

Progress report#1 approved by MEC DECODE WG.



Draft user interface available and back-end solution available. Scenarios Finalized.

Progress report#2 approved by MEC DECODE WG.



User Interface finalized. MEC Sandbox Integration and deployment.

Progress report#3 approved by MEC DECODE WG.



Final report approved by ISG MEC#24.

MEC Sandbox finalized, i.e. all scenarios implemented.

STF Closed.


How to contact us

Please contact us via

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