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Specialist Task Force 557:
NFV API Conformance test specification

Who we are:


Team leader:
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What we do

The STF 557 specifies a conformance test plan for NFV APIs implemented according to the standards of ETSI ISG NFV SOL Working Group.
As part of the test plan, the STF will produce a set of test descriptions in machine readable language to ease their translation into executable code for test automation purposes.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

The availability of a NFV API conformance test specification is a key enabler to speed up the adoption of the APIs standardized in ISG NFV specifications into commercial NFV products and operational deployments. This will also help NFV component suppliers to validate their interpretation of the standards, while giving operators confidence that NFV solutions they are looking at are conformant.
On the other hand, such a consolidated set of reference conformance test descriptions are fundamental tools to guarantee multi-vendor interoperability of NFV components in heterogeneous deployments, helping to reduce integration costs and verification cycles when purchasing components to build or enhance existing products.

How we do it

The STF will review and analyse ETSI ISG NFV SOL specifications to derive and categorise those key API conformance testing requirements and features that will be translated into concrete test cases and test descriptions aiming to validate and assess the conformance of NFV components, in terms of messages exchanged and status of resources exposed over the NFV APIs.


The NFV API conformance test plan produced by the STF will be contributed to TST 010 work item of ISG NFV.

Time plan

STF 557 plans to deliver a stable draft of the NFV API conformance test plan work item by the end of 2018 and support the finalization of the deliverable for WG approval and publication until June 2019.

How to contact us

Should you want to get in contact with the STF 557 team for more insights and updates on the ongoing activities and results, feel free to write an email to the STF Leader.

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