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Specialist/Testing Task Force TTF T020
Radio conformance test specifications for DECT (legacy), DECT ULE and DECT Evolution

Who we are:


STF Leader:    Angel Bóveda, Wireless Partners S.L.L.,

What we do

ETSI TC DECT is currently ongoing focused on the development of the new technology DECT-2020 NR.

In addition to the work in DECT-2020, TC DECT also maintains legacy DECT technology (with more than 1 billion devices in the market), DECT-ULE and DECT-Evolution.

The HEN for legacy DECT (EN 301 406) and the associated radio test specification (EN 300 176-1) require an update due to several aspects of RED directive and to specific comments received from the EC experts. In addition to that, coexistence considerations with the new DECT-2020 NR over the same band and support of

DECT-evolution needs to be added to the specifications.

The TTF will potentially impact millions of legacy DECT and DECT-Evolution devices under production in the next years.

The objective of TTF020 is the production of the radio test specification (deliverable D1) and the Harmonized EN (deliverable D2) for DECT (legacy), DECT ULE and DECT Evolution).

Why we do it

In order to place products in the market, the production of updated radio test specifications and the Harmonized standard (EN) under RED directive are compulsory.

The radio test specification and the Harmonized standard (EN) under RED directive are complex specifications that should be designed specifically for the technology and should also pay attention to aspects of coexistence in the same band with new DECT-2020 NR DECT devices.

How we do it

TTF020 works together with the TC DECT in order to develop the required deliverables with continuous and frequent interaction. TTF020 leader participates in all TC DECT meetings and, in addition to that, organizes TTF020 own dedicated meetings that are open to all ETSI members. The TC DECT e-mail list is used for communication of relevant TTF information and meeting invitations. 


Deliv.    Work Item code
Standard number    Working title
D1    REN-DECT-00365
EN 300 176-1    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT); Test specification ; part 1 : radio

D2    REN-DECT-00359-1
EN 301 406-1    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT); Harmonised Standard covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of the Directive 2014/53/EU; part 1: TDMA/FDMA interface (legacy DECT)

Time plan

TTF T020 plans to deliver:
REN-DECT-00365 (EN 300 176-1) Final draft for TB approval; 30 Jun 2022, start of ENAP: 28 Jul 2022
REN-DECT-00359-1 (EN 301 406-1):Final draft for TB approval; 30 Jun 2022, start of ENAP: 28 Jul 2022

How to contact us

To contact TTF020, please send a mail to

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