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Testing Task Force T012:
Maintenance and development of MEC APIs conformance test suites

Who we are:


Team leader:
Team Members:

What we do

A set of API conformance test suites has been developed in 2019 and 2020 by ISG MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) as part of work items MEC-DEC 032-1, 032-2 and 032-3.

As base specifications are updated and new APIs are added, the objective of the work proposed is mainly two-fold. First, maintain and update the currently available test suites. This consists in:

•    Update the test suites when new versions of the specification are available,

•    Implement fixes and improvements, collecting feedback from users and reported issues.

Second, develop test suites for new specifications and specifications that were not in scope of previous work, or not available for testing.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

MEC APIs specified by ETSI MEC ISG are the heart of the MEC standards and enable interoperability and portability of MEC applications among deployment types, vendor solutions and operation domains in Multi-access Edge Computing. Conformance to the protocols is the fundamental to enable interoperability.

Having an up to date, complete and easily accessible conformance test suite is essential to support applications and system developers.

MEC equipment is currently being deployed in experimental trials with the progression towards fully operational deployment. Thorough conformance testing will increase the level of confidence that equipment from various suppliers will interoperate. This in turn will reduce implementation and rollout times.

Moreover, adoption of MEC APIs on behalf of Open Source Projects, while most welcome and key to a broad deployment of MEC systems, may lead to fragmentation in the implementations and “dialects” in the protocols utilized.

How we do it

Building on the results of the previous STF addressing this topic (STF 569), TTF T012 will develop and publish Test Suites for MEC APIs according to the ETSI Conformance Testing Methodology:

Development branches in the public repositories for the deliverable will be used to support and coordinate the development activities.

Periodic meetings within the Experts and the Steering Committee will help reaching the goals and achieving the expected benefits for the MEC community.


Deliv. Standard number Working title
D1 RGS/MEC-DEC32-2v311ApiTest Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC); API Conformance Test Specification Part 2: Test Purposes (TP)
D2 RGS/MEC-DEC32-3v311ApiTest Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC); API Conformance Test Specification; Part 3: Abstract Test Suite (ATS)
The digital version of Test Purposes and of Abstract Test Suites may be found at the following locations:


Time plan

The list of planned milestones and their target dates is available in the following table:

     Code               Task / Milestone / Deliverable                                                                                                             Target date                                     
 Milestone A  Contributions available with Draft of TP and TC for MEC 028v211 and MEC 030v211, MEC 015v211 and MEC 016v211  15 May 2021
  Milestone B  Contributions approved with TP and TC for MEC 028v211 and MEC 030v211, MEC 015v211 and MEC 016v211.
30 September 2021
 Milestone C Contributions available with Draft of TP and TC for MEC 010-2v221, MEC 011v221 and MEC 028v221.
31 July 2021
 Milestone D Contributions approved with TP and TC for MEC 010-2v221, MEC 011v221 and MEC 028v221.

Complete, final Deliverables approved
31 October 2021
Deliverables published, TTF closed
30 November 2021

As the project develops, some adjustments to the target dates and to the definition of the milestones could be apply. The latest information will be available in the table of Milestones available at the TTF website on ETSI Portal.

How to contact us

Periodic reports will be contributed to ISG MEC and MEC DECODE WG meetings, with status updates and detailed information on the project.

Specific Change Requests, feedback and bug reports on the Test Purposes or Test Suites, ETSI and ISG members are welcome to report on the MEC Issue tracker at ETSI Forge Gitlab:

General inquiries may be sent to the following email address:

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.

The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.