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Testing Task Force T001:
SSP Test Specification

Who we are:


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What we do

The ETSI Smart Card Platform group has created a number of detailed specifications related to making the IoT and mobile applications more secure than ever.  These specifications describe a Smart Secure Platform (SSP) which can be embedded in a system on a chip or standalone.  The aim of this Testing Task Force is to specify test methods which can be used to verify the technologies included in the SSP.

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Why we do it

The Smart Secure Platform is only as smart or secure as it can be trusted to be by its users.  One of the main ways to ensure that the SSP can be trusted by its users is to ensure it is comprehensively tested before it is released into the market place.

How we do it

This TTF is being organised along agile lines by applying a Scrum framework to its particular composition and goals.


The TTF will deliver the following new test specifications:       

Work Item Reference
Standard Number Working Title
DTS/SCP-0000TSSPvf00-1  TS 103 999-1 SSP Test Specification - SSP, General characteristics
DTS/SCP-00T103813vf00 TS 103 813    SSP Test Specification - SSP, SPI interface
DTS/SCP-0000TSSPvf00-2 TS 103 999-2 SSP Test Specification - SSP, iSSP characteristics

Time plan


The base documents that these new test specifications will be produced from are:

ETSI TS 103 666-1 Smart Secure Platform (SSP); General characteristics Published
ETSI TS 103 666-2 Smart Secure Platform (SSP); Integrated SSP (iSSP) characteristics Published
ETSI TS 103 713 Smart Secure Platform (SSP); SPI interface Published
ETSI TS 102 221 Smart Cards; UICC-Terminal interface; Physical and logical characteristics Published
ETSI TS 103 465 Smart Cards; Smart Secure Platform (SSP); Requirements Specification Published
ISO/IEC 7816-4 Identification cards - Integrated circuit cards - Part 4: Organization, security and commands for interchange Published

How to contact us

Mobile: +353 87 2253333
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Please address any correspondence with the team through the TTF leader.

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