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Specialist Task Force 625:
MEC Sandbox Feature Enhancement, Maintenance, and User Support

Who we are:


Team leader:
Team Members:

What we do

The objective is to maintain and enhance the MEC Sandbox environment (, which is publicly accessible running on the ETSI Forge website for demonstrating and experimenting with the MEC service APIs.

This work will include:

•    Sandbox maintenance and user support: ensuring that the Sandbox is available and functioning by addressing issue reports and bugs from the Sandbox user community, making updates to the Sandbox as needed, and responding to Sandbox user inquires on the Sandbox Slack workspace (

•    Sandbox enhancements: adding new capabilities to the Sandbox, based on feedback from users, ISG MEC, and DECODE WG.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

The MEC ISG has specified a set of service APIs targeted for use by MEC applications and services deployed in an edge environment. Developers can browse and download OpenAPI compliant descriptions for these APIs on the ETSI Forge site (

The MEC Sandbox is a pioneering step forward, offering edge developers the opportunity to interact with “live” MEC APIs in an easy-to-use online environment. This will provide a more engaging and educational experience than considering the specifications in isolation. MEC Hackathons and Plugfests will be facilitated by the availability of the MEC Sandbox. This, in turn, will influence the standardization activities in ISG MEC, through the real-life feedback from the API end users.

How we do it

The STF is composed of technical experts who will, in coordination with the MEC DECODE Working Group and STF Steering Committee, maintain and develop the MEC Sandbox using agile software development methodologies. STF work will be carried out remotelyand a Slack workspace is there to facilitate communication between members of the STF.


STF 625 will deliver:

• A set of MEC Sandbox Scenarios, emulated edge network topologies with edge node and terminal behaviour, including MEC service API data models

• A MEC Sandbox Web User-Interface for developer interaction via the ETSI Forge Site

• A MEC Sandbox Back-End Emulation Engine to realize the Sandbox Scenarios

• Finally, an Integrated MEC Sandbox Solution (scenarios, front-end, and back-end) ready for deployment to the ETSI Forge Site

• Maintenance updates to the MEC Sandbox ( to ensure the Sandbox is available and properly functioning.

• Sandbox enhancements to introduce additional capability to the MEC Sandbox, based on user, DECODE working group, and ISG MEC feedback.

• Enhancements will include new and updated MEC Sandbox Scenarios, emulated edge network topologies, and additional MEC Service API behaviour or data models.

Time plan

The work of STF 625 started in January 2022 and will be completed in February 2023. The main milestones of the project are listed in the table below:

     Mil.               Description                                                                                               Cut-off-Date                                  

A  MEC Sandbox Maintenance Update and Feature Set #1. Completion of all the outputs listed under Task T2.
Decision to continue the STF by MEC#30
Progress Report#1 approved by MEC DECODE WG
B MEC Sandbox Maintenance Update and Feature Set #2. Completion of all the outputs listed under Task T3.
Progress Report#2 approved by MEC DECODE WG
C MEC Sandbox Feature Set #3 selected, prioritized, reviewed, and approved.
D MEC Sandbox Maintenance Update and Feature Set #3. Completion of all the outputs listed under Task T4.
Final report approved by ISG MEC
STF Closed.

How to contact us

Please contact us via

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