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Specialist Task Force 598:
OpenAPI Representations for NFV

Who we are:


Team leader:
Team Members:

What we do

The STF 598 develops, enhances and maintains the OpenAPI representations of existing and new NFV-MANO API specifications. In particular, multiple versions of NFV Release 3 and Release 4 API specifications are targeted:

·    SOL002, SOL003, SOL005, SOL009, SOL011, SOL012 v3.6.1
·    SOL002, SOL003, SOL005, SOL009, SOL011, SOL012 first version in Release 4
·    SOL002, SOL003, SOL005, SOL009, SOL011, SOL012 (including new APIs in new GSs) second version in Release 4

Moreover, the STF will also produce an emulator for the ETSI NFV SOL003 VNF Lifecycle Management API v3.3.1. In practice the STF will develop an API producer emulation tool to be integrated with Swagger UI tools with the aim of facilitating a try-and-learn approach to SOL APIs.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

The ETSI NFV specifications are referenced and used by operators, vendors and open source communities involved in NFV deployments. However, the availability of representations of the ETSI NFV API specifications in the OpenAPI specification language is essential to faster integration of these APIs in industry products. Moreover, this form of machine-processable specifications is essential to automate the development of API conformance test suites.

How we do it

The STF 598 will identify the main OpenAPI relevant differences among subsequent SOL specification versions and will translate them into updates to the related OpenAPI representations. Continuous maintenance and bug fixing cycles will also be implemented to consolidate the produced OpenAPI representations.

The work of the STF 598 will rely and leverage on the results and outcomes of the STF 586 “OpenAPI Specifications for NFV”, which partially run in parallel. A close collaboration and coordination with the STF 586 will be therefore provided by the STF Leader.



The OpenAPI specifications for NFV produced by the STF 598 will be contributed to RMI/NFV-SOL008ed2021 work item of ISG NFV.

Time plan

The STF 598 plans to deliver:

·  OpenAPI representations for NFV-MANO APIs specifications v3.6.1 by the end of October 2021
·  OpenAPI representations for NFV-MANO APIs specifications first version of Release 4 by the end of January 2022
·  OpenAPI representations for NFV-MANO APIs specifications second version of Release 4 by the end of July 2022

How to contact us

Should you want to get in contact with the STF 598 team for more insights and updates on the ongoing activities and results, feel free to write an email to the STF Leader.

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.

The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.