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Specialist Task Force 576:
Survey of current work and definition of a methodology for specification and testing of RESTful APIs

Who we are:


Team leader:
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What we do

The goal of STF 576 is to collect information and documentation from several ETSI TBs and ISGs as a basis to develop and produce a unified ETSI Guide on RESTful APIs to provide guidance to current and future ETSI groups that adopt the RESTful paradigm.
The guide will take into consideration the whole lifecycle of standardization, from system design to testing and validation, compiling best practices and recommendations to enable an efficient and effective standardization process.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

RESTfuls APIs are a well-known, largely adopted approach to the definition of communication interfaces among systems.
Many standardization activities -  within ETSI, 3GPP, OneM2M, and other SDOs, fora and communities – adopted this paradigm to foster discovery and adoption of the protocols and systems they specify.

How we do it

The STF is composed of experts which will – autonomously or in joint meetings – collect the information from ETSI groups and develop a methodology which will be documented into the EG on RESTful API Specification and Testing. 


DEG/MTS-203647, Methods for Testing and Specifications (MTS); Methodology for RESTful APIs specifications and testing.

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Time plan

Stable draft expected by May 15th 2020.
Approval of the document is expected by July 28th 2020.

How to contact us

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