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Specialist Task Force 563:
OpenAPI Specifications for NFV

Who we are:


Team leader:
Team Members:

What we do

The STF 563 creates and maintains the OpenAPI representations of multiple versions of NFV Release 2 and Release 3 API specifications. In particular the STF takes care of SOL002, SOL003 and SOL005 specifications in their versions v2.5.1, v2.6.1 and v3.1.1.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it

The OpenAPI representations of the APIs can be regarded as a representation of the contents of the corresponding ETSI NFV GSs in a machine-processable language. The availability of the OpenAPI representations of ETSI NFV SOL specifications to the industry is intended to facilitate the development and validation of products exposing or consuming the specified APIs, as well as easing interoperability among products from different vendors.

How we do it

The STF will identify the main OpenAPI relevant differences among subsequent SOL specification versions and will translate them into updates to the related OpenAPI representations. Continuous maintenance and bug fixing cycles will also be implemented to consolidate the produced OpenAPI representations. 


The OpenAPI specifications for NFV produced by the STF will be contributed to DMI/NFV-SOL008 work item of ISG NFV.

Time plan

The STF 563 plans to deliver:

         Task / Milestone / Deliverable                                                                                                            Target date                                     
•    OpenAPI representations for SOL002, SOL003, SOL005 specifications v2.5.1 End of May 2019
•    OpenAPI representations for SOL002, SOL003, SOL005 specifications v2.6.1  Mid September 2019
•    OpenAPI representations for SOL002, SOL003, SOL005 (and others applicable) specifications v3.1.1
End of November 2019


How to contact us

Should you want to get in contact with the STF 563 team for more insights and updates on the ongoing activities and results, feel free to write an email to the STF Leader.

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.

The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.