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Specialist Task Force 468:

4K Video and High Speed Internet Services transmission over Powerline - Phase 1

Who we are: 

(back) Roger Samy Thierry Doligez Alberto Berrini (STF Manager) Pierre Mathieu
(front) Vincent Buchoux Marc Antonini

Team Leader:

Roger Samy (TC PLT Chairman), Sagemcom,

Team Members:

Marc Antonini, I3s, 
Vincent Buchoux, LAN, 
Thierry Doligez, LAN,   
Pierre Mathieu, I3s,

I3s: Informatique Signaux Systèmes Sophia Antipolis, 

LAN: Laboratoire des Appllications Numériques,

What we do:

This new STF place ETSI at the crossroad of 3 emergent technologies (MIMO-PLT, HEVC/H265, 4K/UHDTV) for new video services distribution in Connected Home environment filling the gap between standards from other SDO. This STF is plan as the continuation of STF 410 on MIMO-PLT and filling the gap between MIMO-PLT channels capacity and new services as 4K video for forthcoming UHDTV.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

The implications for future video services will be significant and impact on the Internet traffic growing. This year TV broadcasters and programmers will need to embrace new advances in technology like the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). This new video codec HEVC have some implications on Powerline Home Networks as the reach for HD video streaming or VOD services. The new forthcoming 4K video streaming and VOD services for UHDTV also require high performance from PLT modems as based on MIMO-PLT technologies and is therefore a centre of focus for future work of TC PLT. The technology will start a new era of premium quality services for VOD and streaming of 4K video on UHDTV with cable, satellite and FTTH networks gateways and set-top-boxes. Stakeholders include ETSI vendors, semiconductor suppliers, service providers, internet content providers and users. The planned work may involve relations to groups and organisations like ITU-T SG16 and ISO/MPEG standards, ETSI-Broadcast, ETSI-E2NA, ETSI-ATTM, IEEE.

How we do it:

This STF proceed by step by step approach to investigate new video compression standards impact on Powerline Networks coverage and produce technical guidance to the Powerline telecommunication vendors to cope with very high rate services over Powerline communication. The ETSI Report will provide in a first phase the necessary information that allows develop standards to enable these services.


DTR/PLT-00041: Powerline Telecommunications, Report on requirements for very high bitrate services (4k video). Impact of new video codec HEVC/H265 for HD over Powerline networks.

Time plan:

  • Start of work15-Sep-2013
  • ToC and scope13-Dec-2013 PLT#70
  • Early draftApr-2014 PLT#71
  • Stable draft30-Jun-2014 PLT#72
  • TB approval31-Jul-2014
  • Publication30-Sep-2014

How to contact us:

Roger Samy (TC PLT Chairman),


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

Last updated: 2013-09-18 11:13:03