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Specialist Task Force 444:
DECT Base for ULE and DECT-NG development 2012

Who we are:

Team Members: Angel Boveda, WIRELESS PARTNERS S.L.L,
Graeme Irvine, TES Electronic Solutions,

What we do:

 The DECT base standard is enhanced to support new features and functions for DECT-New-Generation and DECT-Ultra-Low-Energy. The Technical Specification for DECT- New-Generation Part 5 and the corresponding test specification are produced.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

DECT-New-Generation provides wireless access to internet services and voice-over-IP. DECT-Ultra-Low-Energy supports home automation and machine-to-machine applications.

How we do it:

The work is done together with TC DECT and the results are presented at the DECT meetings and telephone conferences.


  • Revision of the DECT Common Interface standard EN 300 175 parts 1 to 8 
  • Revision of the DECT New Generation part 3 (TS 102 527-3) specification 
  • Revision of the DECT Generic Access Profile (GAP) EN 300 444 specification 
  • New Technical Specification DECT New Generation part 5 (TS 102 527-5) 
  • New Profile Test Specification (PTS) and Test Case Library (TCL) (TS 102 843) for the NG-DECT Part 5 specification 

Time plan:

Completion of deliverables until end of 2012

How to contact us:

Via E-mail


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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