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Specialist Task Force 439:
Global KPIs for energy efficiency of deployed broadband

Who we are: 


Team Leader: Mike Gilmore e-Ready Building Limited
Raffaele Bolla  University of Genoa

Team Members: Michel Borne Q2C
Guillaume Gerard Orange

What we do:

STF 439 is developing Technical Specifications in the 105 200 series which specify Global, i.e. operational, Key Performance Indicators for the energy efficiency of various parts of broadband deployment infrastructures. Phase 1 (2012) of our work focuses on data centres (including operator sites) and mobile access networks. A subsequent phase in 2013 is expected to focus on fixed access networks together with a layman’s guide on the use of Global KPIs and sustainability – and this second phase will also revise the 105714 series of documents produced by STF 362 in 2009.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

Energy costs continue to rise, a trend that will continue in the future, while broadband penetration is introducing new active equipment to the network architecture. In this context, it is vital that the main telecommunication actors implement effective general engineering of fixed and mobile broadband networks and associated operator sites in order to respond to critical issues of energy consumption while proposing essential solutions to true broadband deployment. To guide this process, it is essential that metrics are defined, termed Global Key Performance Indicators that enable energy efficiency (KPIEE) to be monitored.

This work will accelerate the availability of energy efficient operational infrastructure architectures and network implementations and the definition and attainment of sustainability objectives for operational broadband networks.

How we do it:

The four man STF comprises two technical experts, one in each infrastructure under study i.e. data centres and mobile access networks and is supported by a general expert in energy efficiency issues. The editorial work is undertaken by the STF Leader. All relevant stakeholders are represented in the STF Steering Group which defines the objectives for and monitors the progress of the document development. 


Phase 1 of the work of STF 439 comprises the production of:

  • TS 105 200-1: a generic requirements document addressing Global KPIs for operational infrastructures;

NOTE: Global KPIs do not address design/operation of components or subsystems of broadband deployment networks

  • a sub-series TS 105 200-2 that defines the Global KPIs, and drives energy efficiency targets, for specific operational networks and sites and which describes how the Global KPIs are to be applied (which may be used to support future regulatory objectives);
    - TS 105 200-2-1: Data centres;
    - TS 105 200-2-3: Mobile access networks.

These documents do not define KPI limits or targets (which is outside the scope of the 105 200 series of standards).

Phase 2 of the work of STF 439 comprises the production of:
  • TS 105 200-2-2: Fixed access networks; 
  • TS 105 200-1-1: a guidance document that explains the purpose of the 
  • TS 105 200 series to non-experts; TS 105 200-3: a placeholder for the future development of a framework of documents defining actions for monitoring sustainability of broadband solutions including management of carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emission equivalence) in coordination with, in particular, the work of ITU-T SG5; 
  • TR 105 174-6 on general engineering of mobile access base stations in terms of energy efficiency; and
  • the revision of 105 174 series documents.

Time plan:

Stable drafts of the documents in Phase 1 are expected by week 38, 2012 (i.e. mid-September 2012).

How to contact us:

Mike Gilmore:


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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