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Specialist Task Force 429:
Test Specifications for the Interoperability of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Marine Radios

Who we are:

Team Leader: Sebastian Mueller
Team Members: Andras Kovacs
Pete Hizzey


What we do:

STF429 was created to develop interoperability standards for the maritime Digital Selective Calling (DSC) protocol that is outlined in ITU-R M.493. ETSI TG26 has already developed a series of product standards for each class of DSC with the EN300 338 multipart standard.

This STF is taking the requirements of each of the ETSI class standards and writing a complete series of interoperability tests that may be used to demonstrate functional compliance between compatible equipment.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

Significant changes have been made recently to the operational and user interface requirements for DSC. Whilst the ETSI DSC class standards give the exact requirements in a text based format, it was considered extremely beneficial to equipment designers and software developers to also have a parallel set of functional interoperability standards.

How we do it:

The STF experts work in collaboration with the ETSI TG26 Maritime committee in a series of work sessions planned through summer and autumn of 2011.


The primary output of the STF will be a set of interop standards (Test Descriptions) for each class of DSC. Each of these will be directly related to a part of the EN300 338 multipart standard.

There will also be a general requirements catalogue covering all classes of DSC.

Time plan:

These standards are scheduled for approval in November 2011 at ETSI ERM#45.

First drafts will be presented to ETSI ERM#44 in July.

How to contact us:

Contact details of the STF leader and the STF experts are given above.


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

Last updated: 2011-04-28 16:42:54