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Specialist Task Force 423:
Security standards to support ITS Work Programme

Who we are:

Team Leader: Steve Randall PQM Consultants
Team Members: Siv-Hilde Houmb Secure-NOK AS
Haitham Cruikshank University of Surrey
Ben Glas Robert Bosch GmbH
André Weimerskirch escrypt Inc.
William Whyte Security Innovation Inc

What we do:

The role of STF423 is to contribute to the ongoing programme of work within Working Group 5 (Security) of TC-ITS. This will involve the development of specific Technical Specifications related to the ITS security architecture and security management within an ITS station as well as trust and privacy management, confidentiality and access control as they apply to Intelligent Transport Systems.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

The European Commission recognises that ITS for road safety contributes to their general goal of reducing accidents and fatalities. However there are a number of security threats that may have severe impacts on the safety and viability of ITS cooperative systems that cumulatively reduce the benefits of ITS to society. Consequently, the EC has been willing to invest in the ITS security standardization activities of STF423 under its Mandate M/453.

The security mechanisms identified by Working Group 5 as essential to counter risks associated with cooperative ITS will be expanded by STF423 as fully implementable specifications for deployment in first generation cooperative systems. 

How we do it:

Each member of the STF brings specific and distinct skills to the project. Between them, they offer expertise in cryptography, identity management, access control mechanisms, threat analysis and intelligent transport systems.

Responsibility for the each project deliverable is assigned to the most appropriate expert within the team although contributions will come from across the whole STF.

Progress within STF423 will be discussed regularly with TC-ITS WG5 both at their face-to-face meetings and by email and telephone. Status reports will be submitted to the European Commission during the project.

In addition to technical meetings with all of the Working Groups within TC-ITS, the results of the project will be presented as articles to relevant journals and as papers to appropriate ITS and security conferences. 


The output from STF423 will be four Technical Specifications, as follows:

DTS/ITS-0050014 (TS 102 940)               Security architecture and ITS Station Security Management 

DTS/ITS-0050015 (TS 102 941)               Trust and Privacy Management 

DTS/ITS-0050016 (TS 102 942)               Access Control 

DTS/ITS-0050017 (TS 102 943)               Confidentiality services 

These specifications build upon the ITS threat analysis in TR 102 893 and the security services identified and described in TS 102 731.

Time plan:

Start of work:                March 2011

TS 102 940                    Security architecture and ITS Station Security Management
     1st stable draft           June 2011
     WG5 approval           July 2011
    TC-ITS approval          September 2011

TS 102 941                    Trust and Privacy Management
     1st stable draft           September 2011
     WG5 approval           October 2011
     TC-ITS approval         November 2011

TS 102 942                    Access Control
     1st stable draft           September 2011
     WG5 approval           October 2011
     TC-ITS approval         November 2011

TS 102 943                    Confidentiality services
     1st stable draft           December 2011
     WG5 approval           March 2012
     TC-ITS approval         May 2012

How to contact us:

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This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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