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Specialist Task Force 413:
Update of IMS-Based IPTV Interoperability Test specification to TISPAN Rel3

Who we are:

Team Leader: Tatiana Kovacikova, University of Zilina,
Team Members: Yann Garcia, FSCOM,
Eugen Mikoczy, Slovak Telekom, (rapporteur)

What we do:

This STF will update and enhance the ETSI TISPAN TS 186 020 on IMS-Based IPTV Interoperability Test Specification. The new test cases will be developed and linked to TISPAN Release 3, such as RACS integration and new IPTV service procedures.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

The IMS-based IPTV solution allows blending of TV services with other telecommunication services (e.g. voice, presence, and data services). Network services providers can take full benefit of the IMS architecture while providing key end-user services.

Only a few basic use cases of IPTV have been defined in TISPAN Release 2. TISPAN Release 3 covers many new use cases and features for IPTV (like user generated content, target advertising, etc.) and the possible interactions with Voice/Data communications such as Social TV, Incoming Voice call management and notification on TV screen. As a consequence, the update of the IMS-Based IPTV Interoperability Test Specification is required.

How we do it:

The STF has three main tasks:

  • To analyse impacts of TISPAN Release 3
  • To update the TS 186 020 test cases impacted by TISPAN Release 3
  • To create new test cases defined by use cases introduced in TISPAN Release 3
The STF is working with the support of the rapporteur - Reference Technical Body: TB TISPAN WG 6


RTS/TISPAN-06061-NGN-R3 (ETSI TS 186 020)

Scope: IMS-based IPTV interoperability test specification
Work Item approved by TISPAN#WG6 (2010-05-28)

Time plan:

  • Start of the work                      01/2011
  • ToC and scope 02/2011
  • Draft for WG approval 04/2011
  • WG approval 05/2011
  • Draft for TB approval 05/2011
  • TB approval 06/2011
  • Publication 07/2011

How to contact us:

If you need more information, you can contact:

Eugen Mikoczy – ETSI TS 186 020 rapporteur:, or

Julien de Chanaud - CTI Technical Officer :, or the STF :

Tatiana Kovacikova : and Yann Garcia:


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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