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Specialist Task Force 398:
Conformance and Interoperability Testing Framework for ITS

Who we are:

Team Leader: François Fischer / FSCOM
Team Members: Hans-Joachim Fischer / ESF GmbH
Mathieu Morvan / KEREVAL
Miguel Angel Reina Ortega / ETSI CTI
Antonio Plaza Ortega / AT4 wireless

What we do:

This STF is preparing intensive conformance and interoperability tests by producing the draft of an ETSI Guide on "ITS Testing Framework". This activity is of vital interest for ETSI. It is acknowledging the EU-US Joint Declaration of Intent on Research Cooperation in Cooperative Systems (November 2009) and prepares precise actions based on the new STANDARDISATION MANDATE ADDRESSED TO CEN, CENELEC AND ETSI IN THE FIELD OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES TO SUPPORT THE INTEROPERABILITY OF CO-OPERATIVE SYSTEMS FOR INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT IN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (October 2009).

The STF drafts an EG to be used as guidance for development of further conformance and interoperability test specifications for ITS. It considers applying the formal test language TTCN-3. The resulting ETSI guide will provide generic guidelines as well as detailed test strategies, applying to conformance and interoperability testing.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference 

Why we do it:

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is an important new business domain of global, i.e. international, interest. A predecessor of ITS was Route Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT), mainly conducted in Europe by CEN. ITS communication standards are being developed since around the year 2000 at ISO TC204 WG16, since 2007 at ETSI TC ITS. Since 2009 CEN TC278 WG16 and ISO TC204 WG18 are jointly working on applications for co-operative ITS. Since 2004, the industry initiative C2C-CC (car to car communication consortium), is working on the ITS issues related to road safety and traffic efficiency.

From the very beginning, ISO TC204 WG16 understood the special competence of ETSI related to testing, and thus asked ETSI to develop test standards for the set of CALM ITS communication standards. Actually, members of ISO TC204 WG16 pushed the foundation of the new TC ITS at ETSI. 

How we do it:

The work of STF 398 is organized in common session, either at the ETSI headquarter in Sophia Antipolis, or at premises of the team members, and in homework sessions. Every team member has a well defined task. Results are discussed in the team. The final result - as usual for standards - is based on consensus.

As the work of this STF is of global interest, liaisons to stakeholders, e.g. C2C-CC, EU projects (CVIS, SAFESPOT, COOPERS, ...) and standards organizations (CEN, ISO, IEEE) are maintained. STF 398 especially involves ISO TC204 WG16 in the reporting and commenting loop, as 2/3 of all so far existing or identified ITS standards subject to testing were developed at ISO. Missions to meetings of ISO are arranged.

STF 398 is guided by the parent body ETSI TC ITS WG2 holding the work item for the ETSI Guide EG 202 798 to be drafted by this STF. TC ITS WG2 is chaired by "the chief architect of ITS" Knut Evensen from Q-Free.

Time plan for the work:

Start of work: February 2010
Progress report and first draft EG: April 2010
First mission to ISO/CEN: April 2010
Final report and final draft EG: September 2010
Optional second mission to ISO: November 2010.

How to contact us:

For specific requests to STF 398 you may contact us via email as shown below. 

STF 398 Team Leader: François Fischer / FSCOM:

STF 398 Team Members: Hans-Joachim Fischer / ESF GmbH:
Mathieu Morvan / KEREVAL:
Miguel Angel Reina Ortega / ETSI CTI:
Antonio Plaza Ortega / AT4 wireless:

ETSI TC ITS WG2: Knut Evensen / Q-Free:

ETSI TC ITS: Soeren Hess / Daimler:

ETSI CTI: Sebastian Müller:

For general questions related to ITS you may find further links on the ETSI portal selecting "ITS".


This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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