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Specialist Task Force 372:
Conformance Testing and Interoperability DSRC (ETSI ES 200 674-1)

Who we are:

Team Leader: Dr. Fausto Caneschi
Team Members: Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer
Mr. Francois Fischer

Why we do it:

This STF is in relation to the Intelligent Transport element of the EC’s “2008 ICT standardisation work programme” (Part II: Commission services priorities for ICT standardisation in 2008) which identifies support to standardisation aspects of EU legislation. The ESOs are invited to execute further work in relation to electronic tolling systems in the Community and to the European electronic toll service in accordance to Directive 2004/52/EC (Electronic road tolling systems in the Community), as required by Mandate M/338 (mandate to the ESOs to support the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community).

Previous work in ETSI has resulted in the production of the ES 200 674-1, describing the test environment for the High Data Rate DSRC, and the test specifications for the DSRC CEN 5,8 GHz based systems. The Commission Decision on EETS, to be published by July 2009, explicitly quotes that equipment conforming to ETSI ES 200 674-1 will be part of the EETS. Equipment conforming to a superset of what is defined in ES 200 674-1has also been developed as a prototype for the RCI European project and this proposal will ensure that ETSI remains close to the EU R&D initiatives as well as supporting the European agenda.

We will thus provide the Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP) document for testing the functionalities identified in ES 200 674-1, as well as the related Abstract Test Specifications (ATS), in such a way as to allow the certification of devices conforming to the forthcoming European Electronic Tolling System.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

How we do it:

The STF will be managed by a staff member of the ETSI CTI (Centre for Testing and Interoperability), who will also participate in the STF. The STF will produce 6 draft ETSI Technical Specifications (TS) to complete the testing procedures in support of interoperability related to DSRC. The STF will be based mainly at the ETSI HQ in order to benefit from the availability of the ETSI testing tools and the support from the staff of the ETSI CTI. Also, members of ETSI TC ITS/WG2 will perform voluntary validation of the test specifications as they become mature.

Time plan for the work:

 The work has begun in April 2009. By February 2010 the Technical Specifications will be available for publication.

How to contact us:

For specific requests to STF 372 you may contact the chairman of STF 365 via email:

For general questions related to ITS you may find further links on the ETSI portal at  selecting "ITS", e.g. the chairman of TC ITS, the chairmen of the ITS working groups, and staff of ETSI.

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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