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Specialist Task Force 365:
Lower Layer Service Access Points (ISO DIS 21218) Conformance Testing in support of Interoperability

Who we are:

Team Leader: Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer
Team Members: Dr. Fausto Caneschi

Why we do it:

The work of STF 365 is made in relation to the Intelligent Transport element of the EC’s “2008 ICT standardisation work programme” (Part II: Commission services priorities for ICT standardisation in 2008), which identifies support to standardisation aspects of EU legislation. The standardisation work programme, among other things, invites the ESOs to further continue the ongoing standardisation needs arisen from the i2010 Intelligent Car initiative including standardisation of the testing procedures, especially in the light of the forthcoming European Electronic Tolling System (EETS).

EETS is an important example of applications for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The ITS approach specified in ISO TC 204 WG16 CALM, of which ISO 21218 is one of the most important kernel standards, supports EETS as it means for the smooth introduction of GNSS/CN based tolling applications, as well as support for DSRC radio interfaces, and in general by providing general support for ITS applications. CALM will also provide next generations of networks, e.g. operated at 63 GHz, providing significantly increased communications capacity. The European Commission has acknowledged the importance of ITS CALM standardization by funding large scale research projects with field trials.

Although this approach is efficient, it does not cover the problems of equipment development by different manufacturers and the related problems of compatibility and interoperability. This is why the stakeholders are interested in a confident approach towards test standards for pan-European and preferably international interoperability.

An essential preparatory work to support interoperability of ITS in Europe and world-wide is the provision of conformance test suites. STF 365 is for developing DTS/ITS-0020009 "Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT); Test specifications for Intelligent Transport Systems, Communications Access for Land Mobiles (CALM), Medium Service Access Points (ISO 21218); Part 2: Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS & TP)".

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

How we do it:

The work will be conducted under the supervision of and in close contact with ETSI TC ITS WG2. The base standard ISO 21218 will be checked, together with the draft Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) proforma produced by ETSI TC ITS WG2, in order to both derive Test Purposes, and to devise inconsistencies or errors in the input documents. Proposals for modifications to the input documents will be produced, based on that analysis, to be delivered to the appropriate standardization bodies as a side effect of the STF’s work.

Time plan for the work:

The work has begun in January 2009. The Technical Specification will be submitted for final approval in October 2009, allowing publication before the end of 2009.

How to contact us:

For specific requests to STF 365 you may contact the chairman of STF 365 via email:

For general questions related to ITS you may find further links on the ETSI portal at selecting "ITS", e.g. the chairman of TC ITS, the chairmen of the ITS working groups, and staff of ETSI. 

Further general information on standardization of communications in ITS may be found on

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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