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Specialist Task Force 359:
European profile standard for the physical and medium access layer of 5 GHz ITS systems 

Who we are:

Team Leader: Hans-Joachim Fischer
Team Members: Wilfried Lohmann 

Why we do it:

Intelligent Transport Systems are the challenge of European Road Safety and Traffic Efficiency as well as a large number of mobile commercial services. This will open the business for tomorrow! 

STF 359 is developing one of the essential wireless communication technologies for ITS, i.e. microwaves in the 5 GHz band (partly dedicated to road safety and traffic efficiency, see EN 302 571 and ECC Decísion 08/01) applying the 802.11 protocol in a modified way.

This, practically speaking, is a joint approach of ETSI TC ITS, ISO TC204 WG16 (CALM) and IEEE 802.11p / 1609 (WAVE).

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

How we do it:

Based on the well settled knowledge in ISO 204 WG16 CALM (21217, 21218, 21215, 24102, 29281), the base technology being refined at IEEE (802.11/p, 1609.3, 1609.4) and stimulated by industry activities, mainly the Car-to-Car Communication Consortium (European car makers), efficiently supported by European Research Activities (CVIS, COMeSafety, GeoNet, SAFESPOT) and European legislation (ECC directives and recommendations), STF 359 compiles the available input information in order to achieve a European profile standard. This work is done in an informative cooperation with IEEE, ISO and C2C-CC. 

Time plan for the work:

Stable draft for WG review: 19.12.2008

Final delivery for TC approval: 31.1.2009

How to contact us:, +49 7344 919188, Skype: fischer.hans-joachim,, +49-335-5656947

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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