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Specialist Task Force 353: ICT in cars Who we are:

Dr. Maria Grazia Verardi Mr. Mike Pluke Dr. Fausto Caneschi 

Ms. Francoise Petersen Mr. Dieter Seeberger Mr. Robert Williams

Why we do it:

The aim of this work is to produce an ETSI Technical Report (ETSI TR) that will identify the key aspects of use of ICT in cars and where guidelines are needed.

The requirements for ICT services used when driving differ from the requirements in other situations due to the drivers’ focus being on the tasks involved in driving, which in turn results in varying levels of concentration on the ICT and particularly a lower level of visual attention and ability. The work will pay great attention to the potential dangers of driver distraction and the consequential impact that this can have on road safety.

Issues with services and devices related to both the driver and passengers will be studied, including devices which are:

mounted rigidly in the vehicle, either from the production date or later (navigation, entertainment, games);

communicating with the in-vehicle network e.g. for connecting phones, navigation equipment;

portable equipment used in the vehicle.

For more details, see our Terms of Reference

The latest draft is available at: draft TS 102 762. Your input/comments are welcome!

How we do it:

The Specialist Task Force (STF) will be monitoring and reporting to the ETSI Technical Committee Human Factors (TC HF) and the ETSI committee for Intelligent Transport Systems (TC ITS). The STF comprises a mix of human factors and Intelligent Transport Systems experts.

Whereas the focus will be on the users’ needs and applications in this area, the proposed work will identify potential possibilities and any limitation(s) of technical solutions – and where appropriate, suggest future actions in order to open up new service opportunities.

Co-ordination with research projects as well as relevant industry/partnership projects, standards organizations, individual companies and other related ETSI activities will be undertaken. External comment and input will be encouraged by a range of means including participation at meetings and events and by e-mail. The draft ETSI Technical Report will shortly be made available at this web page.

Time plan for the work:

The work began at the end of April 2008 - the Technical Report will be submitted for approval in February 2010, for publication end Q1 2010.

How to contact us:

We can be contacted at:  

This information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

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