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Specialist Task Force 343:
3rd Generation Mobile Reference Test System to enable TTCN-3 Tool Assurance

Who we are:

Team Members: Dr. Helmut Neukirchen
Andy Rauland
Dirk Tepelmann (team leader)            

What we do:

This STF proposes to explicitly develop the mechanisms and testware necessary to enable the validation of any TTCN-3 tool using a back-to-back interoperability testing approach that would be suitable for deployment within a Plugtest event.

Therefore also a back-to-back mirror test suite will be developed and a test system architecture will be proposed.

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Why we do it:

ETSI's TTCN-3 has become an important testing technology that 3GPP RAN5 has decided to adopt from LTE/SAE (Rel-8) onwards. For successful application of this technology it is necessary to have a set of TTCN-3 tools of proven quality and which meet the requirements of 3^rd generation mobile testing. *

The importance of TTCN-3 tool consistency and quality is already a major issue for ETSI MCC TF160. However within the scope of their work, they will only be able to exercise TTCN-3 tools which are fully integrated with the entire test system including system simulator. This will significantly limit the choice and number of TTCN-3 tools that can be checked with this approach. In contrast, this STF will develop solutions that will enable the validation and testing of any TTCN-3 tool. The approach will also be relevant and directly extendable to other areas beyond the explicit requirements of 3GPP RAN5.

Time plan for the work:

See the ETSI Work Programme:

How to contact us:

You are welcome to contact us at:

Furthermore you may provide issues related to TTCN-3 tool assurance using our online tracking system:

Project: TTCN-3 Reference Test System

Note: this information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.

Last updated: 2013-04-13 17:31:00